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Friday, 30 May 2014

A lack of neighbourly love

REMEMBER the days when neighbours would look out for each other and not hesitate to share home-cooked food, mind the children and provide a cup of sugar?

Those were the good times of our parents’ era.

Nowadays, most people are not acquainted with their neighbours well enough to even know their names, according to this week’s The Star Online poll.

We asked them — how well do you know your neighbours?

Out of 1,255 respondents, 702 (56%) said “not so much”, while 15% said “not at all.” Only 359 (29%) said they knew their neighbours “very well.”

The next question asked them how many neighbours they knew?

A total 806 respondents (64%) said “some of them” and 14% said “none of them”. Only 21% said they knew all their neighbours.

Asked if they knew their neighbours by name, 740 respondents (59%) said “some of them”, while only 18% said they knew every neighbour by name.

A total 291 respondents (23%) said they didn’t know anyone by name.

However, when we asked if they would make an effort to know their neighbours better, 812 respondents (65%) said “yes”.

Out of 1,255 respondents, 901 (72%) are house dwellers while the remaining 28% live in flats or apartments.

We provided an opportunity for respondents to give their feedback and some had this to say:

“Just not interested to know the neighbours.”

“I don’t like people.”

“Everyone is busy with their own lives. They have no time to chat or get to know the neighbours better.”

“Let’s count. One is a cat lady who feeds strays, and the cats then defecate in my garden. One runs a puppy mill, which makes a racket like the hounds of hell. One parks the car on the side of the road that runs alongside my house and behaves like the worst hooligan.”

“Nobody makes an effort, so why should I?”

“I tried to make an effort to know my neighbours, especially the ones directly next to me. However, one particular neighbour is so cocky and inconsiderate as he likes to park his cars in front of my house, and even throws rubbish into my dustbin, etc. So, I see no real need to get to know such neighbours!”

Some had a more positive outlook and had this to say:

“We live in a place where our neighbours are part of our community, therefore our lives. It is just common sense and courtesy to know our neighbours.”

“We can ask or offer help to look after each other’s houses when we are away for a short or long period of time due to work or holiday and ask or offer help when there is an emergency.”

“Yes, knowing your neighbours is important in case of any emergency. Plus, if we know them, it will help us to understand them better especially when my neighbours are from other religions.”

“Neighbours have the right to be treated kindly and give help when the need arises. Having good neighbours and being a good one adds value and good vibes to one’s life.”

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