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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Food portal dons new look

FANS of Kuali, The Star Media Group’s food portal, are probably aware it “disappeared” last year.

However, it was not really a goodbye, but more of an “I’ll see you later”.

A brand, new Kuali re-entered the cyberworld recently.

Kuali has gone through a revamp to make the site even better and features more recipes, tips, videos and better pictures.

There is a large repository of recipes, which form the backbone of the site.

Kuali’s restaurant reviews were also a favourite and they have been enhanced with maps to make locating the restaurants easier.

There is also a new section devoted to tips, techniques and food ideas called Kitchen Inspirations.

The new Kuali features a fresh and simple layout. For easy navigation, it has four sections: Recipes, Dining Out, Kitchen Inspirations, and Videos.

The recipe section itself has over 4,000 recipes and they are now easily searchable.

As Kuali evolves, new features will be added, such as a recipe book, meal planner and shopping lists.

Also look out for workshops, contests, and exciting events in the coming months./

For more details, visit kuali.com.

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