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Friday, 28 February 2014

No tacky wedding gifts, please

Avoid crockery as gifts for the bridal couple.

Avoid crockery as gifts for the bridal couple.

THE results are in and the worst wedding gift for newlyweds is...(drum roll please)...recycled or used gifts!

In this week’s The Star Online poll, we asked our readers what are the top three worst wedding gifts. Out of 4,601 respondents, 1,098 (24%) chose recycled gifts as the highest order of worst gifts received.

A total of 902 respondents (20%) said health (slimming) supplements were the second worst, followed by tacky crockery occupying the third spot, as voted by 544 respondents (12%).

Other goods that were deemed bad wedding gifts included photo frames (506 votes), photo albums (384 votes), “His and hers” paraphernalia (363 votes), rice cooker(s), blender(s), gift vouchers and home decor.

Respondents from 40 countries took part in the online poll with the top five being Malaysia, United States, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong.

While our Facebook followers concurred that recycled gifts were faux pas, many of them felt receiving empty money envelopes was downright rude.

“During my sister’s wedding, she received two or three empty money packets. That was so inappropriate especially since some of them were well-to-do,” one follower said.

All those things might sound horrific, but imagine getting a cheque for RM300 as a wedding gift and discovering later, it was a bounced cheque.

“Yes, I had the misfortune of getting a bad cheque from someone who was not at all poor, and you can’t really approach them afterwards, by saying, can I have it in cash instead?”

Other gift-giving no-no included a set of six glasses with only four glasses in the box, children’s books with the RM11 price tag attached, broken drinking glasses, plastic bowls and money packets with RM2 in them.

“For my wedding, I had a family of nine who were financially well off who only gave RM50,” said another follower.

They say it is the thought that counts, but what do you do with plastic Champagne flutes? “Now I have things to dispose that nobody would want,” said another follower.

“My worst wedding gift was 3-in-1 Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatima coffee in a very nice box.

“Honestly, I think the box was a better gift...I can’t even drink the coffee,” added another follower.

One follower from Klang, said when his brother got married in Kuala Lumpur, a guest had given an express bus ticket from Klang in an envelope, which he probably used to get to the wedding. “I think he was probably upset the wedding was outside of Klang,” said the Klangite.

“However, RSVP-ing and not showing up without an explanation is worse than any bad gift,” said another follower.

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