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Late night illegal racers the bane of Seremban 2 residents

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  • Friday, 11 Aug 2017

I HOPE to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities the plight of residents in the vicinity of Seremban 2, Negri Sembilan.

The area around Dataran Centrio has started attracting a very unhealthy crowd.

Large groups of racers convene there especially on Fridays and Saturdays to race, especially from 2am to 4am.

They are very noisy and disturb the peace, denying residents a good night’s sleep.

Children and the elderly are affected as they are constantly disturbed by loud racing, revving of engines and screeching of car tyres.

You can see skid marks on the roads where these people race, including circular tyre marks.

They also consume alcohol heavily as beer and whiskey bottles are seen strewn all over the place.

It is worrying that they are racing at breakneck speeds under the heavy influence of alcohol.

They also throw food packets everywhere, attracting vermin and scavengers.

We implore the authorities to look into this matter seriously. Let us not wait for an innocent life to be lost before stern action is taken.

The racers may have chosen this area as it is quite secluded and the roads are straight for quite a distance.

We hope speed bumps will be built on these roads to deter these racers and other motorcyclists from driving at breakneck speeds.



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