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The amazing female body

22 February 2017

Wednesday wisdom - By Hannah Lo
There are so many fascinating aspects to it than just physical appearance.

Even washing this picnic table at the Pulau Tikus pocket courtyard won’t get rid of the unsightly damage left behind by bird droppings.

Mynahs and crows reign over pocket courtyard, posing health threat

21 February 2017

Pinang points - By Arnold Loh
BIRDS do purposely poop on us. When they see us pass beneath them, they will eject a wet blob that will land on our head and shoulders.

It takes a certain type of adventurous, adaptable personality to thrive in other countries and feel comfortable always being a foreigner and outsider. — filepic

When a fluid lifestyle comes with the territory

20 February 2017

MANY people around the world move away from their home countries to pursue their studies, professional careers and for a multitude of other reasons.

Hawkers and valet service the real culprits

20 February 2017

From MANU of Petaling Jaya

The divider on Jalan Timur is blocking access to the Taman Jaya LRT station opposite Amcorp Mall. — filepic

Look at inconveniece Jalan Timur divider is to LRT commuters

20 February 2017

From MUJESH JAY of Petaling Jaya

The long road to Lundu

18 February 2017

Et cetera - By Sharon Ling
The ride may be rough but the journey can be rewarding with spectacular views.

Stop politicking education

17 February 2017

Union yes - By Andrew Lo
Many leaders become faux heroes in the name of defending Sarawakians’ rights.

The jungle-like overgrowth behind the row of houses next to theflyover outside Taman Taiping in Kamunting.

Left demolished area yet to be cleared after five years

17 February 2017

A letter from Discontented Senior Citizen.

An example for others to follow

17 February 2017

A letter from Y.A.Y, Ipoh

Writing it right in this digital age

17 February 2017

Texting and tweeting may be the norm these days but good writing skills are still important.

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