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‘Drain clogged for two years‘

The clogged drain in Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 1 filled with rubbish and infested with mosquitoes

The clogged drain in Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 1 filled with rubbish and infested with mosquitoes

RESIDENTS and business operators near Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 1 in Pandamaran, Port Klang, are crying foul over the stench coming from a clogged monsoon drain behind their premises over the last two years.

Wireman A. Rushanthan said the area could become a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes because of the stagnant water.

“Many parts of the approximately 100m-long drain was not properly cleared throughout the years.

“Weed is growing from the sides of the drain and the open area near the drain is littered with rubbish,” he said.

The 24-year-old, who lives there with five friends, said all kinds of rubbish, especially plastics and sludge caused the drain to clog.

“This makes it an ideal mosquito breeding site,” he said, adding that every evening, he had to make sure all doors and windows were closed and also used aerosol spray to keep mosquitoes away.

Another resident, who declined to be named, was disappointed that the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) did not clean the drain despite numerous complaints.

The resident, in her 40s, runs a restaurant located near the drain, and said there were no proper bins for residents or business operators to dispose of their rubbish, which led to the littering.

Klang MCA deputy chief Datuk Steven Lim, who visited the area with several division committee members, expressed disgust over the dirty and foul-smelling drain and urged MPK to take immediate action.

His secretary, Datuk Dr Ching Eu Boon, who is also the Klang MCA constituency coordinator, said the rubbish clogged the drain for months and the water was infested with mosquito larvae.

“MPK should have checked on these places frequently and made sure their contractors did their job.

“Taking action only upon receiving complaints is not the way to do things,” he said.

Division Youth chief Tee Hooi Ling, who was also present, said the clogged drain was also close to a primary school.

“The pupils could get dengue fever from the mosquitoes breeding in this clogged drain. The local council should act fast to clear the drain,” she said.

MPK president Datuk Mohd Yasid Bidin said he would direct his staff to check on the complaints and take the necessary measures to rectify it.

“It could be an oversight but we appreciate the information.

“MPK will take swift action whenever a complaint is received,” he said, adding that residents could alert MPK regarding complaints via its general inquiry line at 03-3375 5555 or toll-free number 1 800 882 3826.