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Just browsing: Ways to get those perfect eyebrow arches

You too can get a pair of brows that help frame your face beautifully. 

For those who are tired of drawing their brows every morning, here are some alternative techniques to help you get your perfect pair of brows.


This is one of the earliest techniques which creates permanent brows, so one needs to be sure in deciding on the shape and thickness. Using an eyebrow tattooing machine, pigment is deposited in the dermal, deepest layer of your skin. It uses a pigment that is darker which can look harsh. 

Depending on the pigment used, some brows can turn greenish or greyish over time. As this is permanent and the needle enters deep into the dermal layer of the skin, it can be a pretty painful price to pay for vanity.


An improved version that’s a step up from tattooing, embroidery creates brows that are semi-permanent. Using a pen-like tool that holds a row of tiny needles, a more natural coloured pigment is manually tapped into the epidermis, the top layer of your skin.

The colour usually lasts one to three years. The latest technique called 3D embroidery creates tiny feathery strokes that resemble brow hair. It may sound ideal but if poorly done, it can look artificial, especially on someone with very little brow hair.

The level of pain depends on the skill of the beauty therapist, the amount of topical anaesthetic cream used and length of time the numbing cream is applied before the embroidery is carried out. Most women don’t realise this but embroidery can be a painless procedure.

Lace front brows

Before you cringe, these were originally created for people who have lost their brow hair due to illness. It gets its name from the lace that is used to create the hair-like brow.

These brows are crafted using real or synthetic hair, skilfully hand-tied onto a piece of lace. Taking a cue from the use of wigs, these lace front brows can be custom-made with different hair colours. It can then be cut and shaped as required, and glued onto the brow area.

It may sound creepy having real human hair on your brow, but if you’ve lost your brow hair due to an illness, this may just be the trick to help you look and feel good again. It’s also created for those who have over-plucked their brows, have very sparse brows or just want to have fun.

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