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The rise of the fitness app fanatic

When the sun comes up in summer, out come the fitness buffs – and the apps.

Average daily use of health and fitness apps has rocketed by a massive 62% since the start of 2014 and the surge looks set to continue.

And that’s because consumers tend to put a greater focus on health and lifestyle during the summer so app use is expected to jump again.

According to Flurry, the US-based app analytics company, app use in general increases every year as more consumers jump from feature phones to smartphones and as the number of households with tablets increases.

However average daily app use across all categories has only increased by 33% since the start of 2014. The company’s figures come as a result of monitoring the use of over 6,800 iPhone and iPad apps that fall into the health and fitness category across a sample of 100,000 devices. And, by breaking out the data, Flurry has been able to paint a picture of the typical fitness app fanatic.

According to Flurry, a fitness fanatic is more likely to be female.

By Flurry’s definition (someone who spends more than three times the average amount of time using a health and fitness app), a “fitness fanatic” is more likely to be female (62% versus 38% for men), while 35- to 54-year-olds are the most likely to always have a health or fitness app on the go, closely followed by 25- to 34-year-olds. Young adults are the least likely to be categorised as fitness fanatics, as 18- to 24-year-olds under index by a massive 57% based on Flurry’s data.

The company also looked at what other types of apps these people engaged with and found that consumers who are into gaming and all aspects of social networking, including making and sharing photos and videos, are the least likely to be avid fitness app users.

However, consumers characterised as sports fans based on app use are the most likely to be tracking their health and movement too. The same is also true of consumers that are interested in parenting and education or who are already avid runners.

Or as Flurry’s Simon Khalaf put it in a blogpost to accompany the publication of the data on June 19: “We have a pretty good picture of Fitness Fanatics. They are predominantly mothers aged 25 to 54 who are sports fans and lead healthy lifestyles.”

Flurry expects the use of these apps to continue growing in part because of the promise of wearable technology devices from Google’s partners and of course Apple. Gadgets like the “iWatch” will push health and fitness into the consumer limelight in the same way that the iPhone made the smartphone a consumer device rather than a business tool. – AFP Relaxnews

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