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Cut down on caffeine with Up Coffee

The Up Coffee app helps track your caffeine intake. – Up Coffee/AFP

The Up Coffee app helps track your caffeine intake. – Up Coffee/AFP

New app lets you see your caffeine level throughout the day.

A NEW iPhone app from Jawbone, maker of the Up fitness trackers, helps you keep tabs on coffee intake and how long you’ll have to wait for its effects to wear off in order to get a good night’s sleep.

Easy to use as a standalone smartphone app or paired with an Up or Up 24 band, Up Coffee helps users log daily caffeine intake, from the aforementioned coffee to cola and any number of energy drinks.

Using information about the user’s sex, age and weight, it can work out how the stimulant is affecting their body on a spectrum that runs from “wired” to “sleep ready”.

The idea is that after roughly a week to 10 days’ use, the app will be able to show how much impact 100mg of caffeine has on a user’s body and when to stop drinking it in order to be able to get to sleep when it’s time for bed.

It will be able to show how many hours of sleep a week are being lost to drinking coffee and will even be able to set challenges and make suggestions, such as when to stop taking coffee and when to try only drinking coffee.

And although it is a standalone product, when paired with the Up 24 Band, which tracks sleep patterns, the Up Coffee app will be able to offer even deeper levels of insight and understanding.

Up Coffee is available as a free download on iOS. The company currently has no firm plans regarding an Android version of the app. – AFP Relaxnews

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