Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Powered by the sun, Tissot scores a winning goal at 2014 Baselworld

Sun-worshipping, football-loving watch collectors will adore Tissot’s collection featured at the 2014 Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show.

Tissot's T-Touch Solar Expert (below) is a deceptively simple-looking timepiece. Its robust build and broad face give it a sporty, masculine edge. And its black and bold bezel and skeletonised hour and minute hands, set against a blue chequered dial, transport you into a world of extremes.

But there's more to the watch than meets the eye. You see, endowing the timepiece with its strength is the Sun itself. Powered by solar energy, the rays of light on the dial allow the SuperLumiNova indices and hands to glow in the dark while doing something more: It recharges the watch at the same time.

To say that the T-Touch Solar Expert serves as a fashion adage is a crime. On top of its solid and sporty aesthetics, this timepiece for the man on the move offers essential functions like a perpetual calendar with day and week indications to keep you on track of your schedules, one alarm for the week and another for weekends, two time zones for travellers, weather forecast with relative pressure, altimeter with difference metre, chronograph lap, and split with logbook, compass, timer, azimuth, regatta function and back-light.

Such is the allure and charisma of this timepiece from the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, and why it was a featured model at the 2014 Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show.

Tissot T-Touch Solar Expert

While the T-Touch Solar Expert exhibits masculinity (and a touch of danger), the Tissot T-Complication Chronometer (below) is a piece of elegant watchmaking. Brimming with class and prestige, its design includes a velvety black face, a thin and polished bezel, and a black leather strap with a butterfly clasp as an added charm.

The guilloche on the dial also gifts the T-Complication Chronometer with another brilliant element. And the watch comes with a certified mechanical chronometer movement – its precision further highlighted with a second counter centred at six o’clock.

Tissot - T-Complication Chronometer

Tissot has something else for its football-loving collectors. With the upcoming FIFA World Cup competition, the Tissot Quickster Football (below) allows you to play timekeeper, a duty that the watchmaker has shouldered for many sporting events. Its movement was created specifically to time football matches, taking into consideration half-times and overtime, giving Tissot collectors the chance to be more than a spectator and get really stuck in.

The bold, sporty timepiece comes in vibrant colours, and its design was clearly inspired by the footballers' kits on the pitch. The model that stands out is the one with a green bezel ring and a yellow leather strap with fine green stitching. To complete the watch, a football has been engraved on the caseback and a date display at the four o’clock position serves to remind you of those matches you've got a bet on.

Tissot - Quickster Football

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