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Thrillers and true tales

This week, we have fiction from big names on the thriller scene as well as non-fiction titles offering advice on different aspects of life.


Author: Scott Turow

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, 368 pages, fiction


JUST as Senator Paul Gianis is declared the odds-on favourite to become the next mayor of Kindle County (the disguised Chicago that Scott Turow usually sets his books in), his identical twin brother Cass is released from prison 25 years after pleading guilty to the murder of his girlfriend Dita Kronon. Paul’s political rivals are quick to revive that murder and raise disturbing questions about what the senator might be hiding.

When an ex-FBI agent and ex-homicide detective team up to investigate, they are quickly plunged into a tangle of deception and lies, as questions about identity and motives are brought up.

Laugh And Tough It Out

Author: Robert D. Brinsmead

Publisher: Irenic Publications, 223 pages, non-fiction

Title: Laugh and Tough It OutAuthor: Robert D. BrinsmeadPublisher: Irenic PublicationsNumber of Pages: 223

MALAYSIA’S first overseas-trained plastic surgeon arrived as a toddler in a Penang that was under British administration before World War II. Sambanathan “Sam” Underwood, a Jaffna-born Tamil from Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), went on to live through the Japanese Occupation and Malaya’s Communist insurgency and earn five medical bachelor degrees, including a PhD in plastic surgery.

Author Robert D. Brinsmead was inspired to write this biography after meeting Dr Underwood almost two decades ago and then conducted interview sessions with the doctor as well as his family and staff. Brinsmead discovered that, while accolades and titles have been bestowed upon Dr Underwood, his journey to success was fraught with much difficulty, including discrimination and even a few close shaves with death. But the doctor faced even dire circumstances with laughter, and a selection of his jokes are sprinkled throughout the book, illustrating his guiding mantra, which is also the book’s title.

Destined to Fly (Avalon #3)

Author: Indigo Bloome

Publisher: Harper, 320 pages, fiction

IN this final book in the Avalon trilogy, psychologist Dr Alexandra Blake’s exploration of sexual fantasies continues but this time with a sense of urgency. She has escaped the group that kidnapped her in book two and now knows that she holds the key to a drug that many people, including her passionate lover Jeremy Quinn, are after.

In search of answers, Alexandra finds herself exploring ancient erotic rituals that surprise even her, the woman who has experienced what she thought was the ultimate in pleasure. Will these rituals help her discover the true purpose of the role she is destined to play?

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Lose Up To 20 Pounds In 28 Days

Author: Haylie Pomroy

Publisher: Vermilion, 237 pages, non-fiction

CELEBRITY nutritionist Haylie “Metabolism Whisperer” Pomroy champions changing metabolisms over merely dieting to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Her book claims to be based on a science-based plan that can rev up sluggish metabolisms by “fooling” them with the “systematic rotation of targeted food on specific days at strategic times”. This means eating certain food groups on certain days, for instance, carbs and fruit on the first two days, followed by only protein and vegetables on the next two days, and so on.

The book also offers meal plans and recipes as well exercise tips.

Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere

Author: Fabian Lim

Publisher: Fabian Lim, 201 pages, non-fiction

SINGAPOREAN dotcom millionaire Fabian Lim claims that you don’t need to slog long hours (doing a job you probably hate) just to save enough so you can retire and only then really start living. He believes that the Internet offers endless possibilities for people to work less but earn more so they can enjoy life more.

He wants to change readers’ minds about becoming successful entrepreneurs and explains how to use web-based resources for business issues like outsourcing, automation and mobility. The idea is to use the many online and mobile apps available now to manage time and productivity and create a “life that works, so you don’t have to”, as he puts it.

You’re Mine Now

Author: Hans Koppel

Publisher: Sphere, 330 pages, fiction

IN a moment of weakness, happily married Anna has a one-time fling with a colleague, Eric, while she’s at a conference, away from her husband and child. While Anna returns to hearth and home happily enough, Eric wants more, much more, than a one night stand. Soon the psychopath is stalking Anna and threatening her family – and she can’t ask for help, as that would mean revealing her infidelity and risking losing her family anyway.

The Quest

Author: Nelson DeMille

Publisher: Center Street, 448 pages, fiction

VETERAN author Nelson DeMille dug up a novella he had written in 1975 and re-released it late last year, expanded into a full thriller.

The story remains set in the 1970s and in the middle of the Ethiopian civil war; it begins with the miraculous escape of a Catholic priest who has been imprisoned for four decades, for claiming to know the location of the Holy Grail (yes, that Grail, famously hunted by Robert Langdon in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code).

The wounded priest shares his tale with a trio of media types, who are inspired to set off on a quest of their own for the relic. The three soon find themselves dealing not only with deadly jungles but also Vatican City secrets as well as affairs of the heart.


Author: James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, 386 pages, fiction

This sixth book starring tough detective Michael Bennett and his brood of 10 kids finds the Bennetts living in the countryside after being placed in the witness protection programme.

Bennett is the only US official who managed to put notorious Mexican crime lord Manuel Perrine behind bars – a feat for which Manuel has sworn vengeance on Michael and everyone he holds dear.

Manuel escapes prison and goes on a rampage across the country, killing people willy nilly in his effort to find Michael and his family.

With the authorities seemingly unable to stop Manuel, Michael goes back to doing what he does best: hunting and keeping his family safe.

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