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Staff fear the chop in Samsung Electronics annual reshuffle

Western media websites hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Is it time to say 'goodbye' to the iPhone 5C?

Tech News

Are GoPro camera drones coming?

A Wall Street Journal report claims that the leading action camera company is planning to take its product range to another level, literally.

Tumblr is now the world's fastest growing social media site

The popularity of social media shows no signs of slowing. In fact every major social network on the Web from LinkedIn to Google+ has seen its active user numbers swell since the start of 2014.

Tech Opinion

D on Droid #40: Here is Nokia's mark on Android

28 November 2014

Nokia may have sold off their smartphone division, but they are still keeping themselves relevant with Android users.

Into the Warhammer 40K universe

27 November 2014

One of the very first games CHEE YIH YANG ever heard of, was a certain miniatures-driven boardgame named Space Hulk. He’d only glimpsed its awesomeness in a magazine called White Dwarf, back in the late 1980s. This week, he explores the “beginnings” of the non-miniature universe of that very cool universe known as Warhammer 40K.

Web Wanders: Girls, computers and Barbie

25 November 2014

It’s a slippery slope to tread on whenever a book meant to empower girls results in the mere reinforcement of traditional gender stereotypes.

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Retro looks, modern internals: Fujifilm X100T looks the same as its predecessor as most of the changes are under the hood.
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