BIGGEST YET: Hackers who stole the personal data of about 4.5 million patients of hospital group Community Health Systems Inc broke into the company's computer system by exploiting the "Heartbleed" internet bug, making it the first known large-scale cyberattack using the flaw, according to a security expert. — Reuters

Indonesian capital threatens to ban Uber car app

US hospital breach biggest yet to exploit Heartbleed bug: expert

Marketing push, harsh northern winter spur record Florida tourism

Does YouTube hold the key to a killer music streaming service?

Tech News

Sony presents new ultra-compact hybrid camera

The Japanese manufacturer is touting its new A5100 as the world's smallest interchangeable lens camera. With a 180-degree pivoting display and built-in NFC tech, the device is positioned between the A5000 and A6000 in Sony's line-up and promises to rival D-SLR cameras in terms of image quality.

Despite lip service, Silicon Valley venture capital still a man’s world

GENDER IMBALANCE: Founder and CEO of SupportPay Sheri Atwood talking with her daughter during an interview with Reuters in California. Despite the lip service Silicon Valley has given over the past couple of years to the need to recruit more women venture capitalists, at senior levels the industry’s gender balance hasn’t budged, even as other industries with poor gender diversity show improvements. — Reuters

When she started her child-support tracking business SupportPay, Sheri Atwood expected all kinds of suggestions — but not the tip she got from a female investor who suggested she dye her blonde hair darker to be taken more seriously by venture capitalists.

Tech Opinion

Rethinking datacentres of the future

20 August 2014

There is a sea-change occurring in datacentres today. Web-scale IT is becoming the new approach to designing, building and managing datacentre infrastructure pioneered by web companies and cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Organise your IT Team with Cloud Storage

15 August 2014

Here's how to use the cloud for enterprises’ IT or technology teams to efficiently communicate with the entire organisation, in order to ensure optimal IT support across the business.

Web Wanders: Perils of selfie

15 August 2014

Susanna Khoo talks about the grave consequences that selfies sometimes bring about.

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