BIG SECRET: Smartphone users won't recognise the name B2X, but if your battery dies or your screen breaks, the odds are that the company will be working behind the scenes when you seek a repair. — Reuters

Apple CEO says to add 25 stores in China within two years

Smartphone repair company B2X steps up expansion with Indian deal

Facebook's Zuckerberg wages China charm offensive — in Mandarin

Samsung devices get top US security clearance

Tech News

Canadian MPs in lockdown tweet of terror fears, toilet line ups

Canadian lawmakers locked down inside parliament for up to 10 hours turned to Twitter to send messages to their friends and families letting them know they were safe albeit exhausted.

Mystery startup Magic Leap raises US$542mil from Google, others

Magic Leap Inc, a startup focused on augmented reality technology, said it raised US$542mil (RM1.77bil) in a funding round led by Google Inc.

Tech Opinion

Peek into the 3D future with Cardboard

18 October 2014

Who would have figured that a piece of cardboard and your smartphone is all you need to immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality? Google did.

Web Wanders: The tale of a bride

17 October 2014

The Internet can help you get the attention of others for a particular cause if you know how to tell your story well.

Photo Kit: Reality bites back

13 October 2014

Tan Kit Hoong muses on how the ethics of image manipulation should be dependent on the intent of the photograph.

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