Being frank not enough, Twitter needs to act

Ultra-local ‘Facebook’ turning city neighbours into friends

Samsung Electronics cautious on outlook, says mobile business environment tough

Facebook's profit takes a dive as costs soar

Tech News

Sleeping with smartphones, and other vices

Consumers around the world admit it: they sleep with their smartphone, take it in the shower, and would rescue the device from a fire before saving the family cat.

Samsung expected to unveil latest flagship phablet next month

Samsung is expected to unveil its new Galaxy Note 5 phablet at a press conference next month in New York.

Tech Opinion

Zero day exploits: now available for cars

28 July 2015

July 22 was an important day for the information security industry. Investigators announced exploitation of the first ever zero-day vulnerability for cars. The wireless attack was demonstrated on a Jeep Cherokee.

How to avoid becoming the next data breach victim

20 July 2015

Every day we hear of a “major” security breach at another big company. Not to be taken lightly, security breaches can have a devastating impact to organisations as they can be very costly, damage reputations and contribute to the loss of customers.

How telcos can reduce customer churn in a competitive market

14 July 2015

With the advent of mobile technology and increased connectivity, telecommunications operators are finding that managing customer churn is an increasingly complex and in some cases, expensive exercise.

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