Carl Icahn says underweight Apple bets will hurt funds' performance

HP sells stake in China unit for US$2.3bil

Nokia CEO says in no hurry to sell mapping unit HERE: magazine

Maxis cuts prepaid broadband price by 50%

Tech News

Brain implant senses ‘intent’ to move robotic arm

A new kind of brain implant senses a patient’s intent to move a robotic arm, offering new promise to people who are paralysed or have lost limbs, researchers said.

Toshiba to expand accounting probe to TV, other businesses: media

Toshiba Corp will expand its accounting probe to other operations with a focus on its TV, computer and chip businesses, public broadcaster NHK reported, as it investigates bookkeeping irregularities for some infrastructure projects.

Tech Opinion

D on Droid #48: Is the pen mightier than the finger?

20 May 2015

Is there still a need for a stylus pen in this day and age where our smartphones are fully designed for our thumbs? Our columnist shares about his continuing love for the stylus.

Photo Kit: Amazon's Cloud Drive missing a silver lining

12 May 2015

Tan Kit Hoong finds out that Amazon's Cloud Drive offers unlimited storage for very little money, but the service still needs a lot of work before it's properly usable.

Hoarders anonymous for unstructured data

8 May 2015

Organisations keep collecting unstructured data – tons, and tons of PDFs, Word docs, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, picture files and others.

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Smaller in every way: the Nikon D5500 has shrunk in almost every dimension over the D5300 but retains the button layout.
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