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Tackling pollution: Chow (right, in white) pouring the treatment solutions into the river at Lorong Kulit to improve the water quality.

Foul river flows clear

3 September 2014

THE water quality of Sungai Pinang has improved after undergoing the Infinitesimal Quantum Persistent and Reflection (iQPR) Technology treatment for three months.

Heavy rainfall expected over next two to three weeks

3 September 2014

PETALING JAYA: Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are expected to occur in the afternoons in the country over the next two to three weeks, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Department.

Composting enthusiasts

3 September 2014

THE article “Community composting hits dead end” generated a lot of response from readers who practise composting.

Every drop counts: Tap leaks at restaurants caused by high usage can be kept at bay with installations of heavy duty fittings.

Conserve water, associations tell eatery owners

2 September 2014

TAPS in restaurants often drip because of constant use and these leaks waste gallons of water each month and owners are saddled with big bills that eat into profits.

Ananda Krishnan faces charges in India

31 August 2014

PETALING JAYA: The Times of India, India’s top English daily, reported that Malaysian tycoon Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan has been charged along with seven others by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Abandoned earth works of the rescinded food court project have become ideal spot for water ponding and perfect for mosquitoes to breed.

Idle land in Kepong a health hazard

30 August 2014

THE site of a stalled food court project in Bandar Manjalara Commercial Centre in Kepong is now at risk of becoming a mosquito-breeding ground.

Significant find: The 'Charopa lafargei' was found in the northernmost part of Gunung Kanthan in Ipoh.

New snail species found

30 August 2014

IPOH: A new species of snail has been discovered in Perak and named after the cement company quarrying the hill it was found on.

International meet to raise awareness on climate change

29 August 2014

A TWO-DAY international seminar to raise awareness on the earth’s current climate change will be held at the Penang Town Hall on Sept 13 and 14.

Kota Kinabalu folks want better irrigation

29 August 2014

KOTA KINABALU: Residents in the state capital have called for an improved irrigation system to prevent flash floods after a boy drowned on Wednesday.

Vet nurse Robyn 
Kriel with 'Timberwolf' the koala in Beerwah, Queensland. He is lucky to be alive after surviving a terrifying 
ride down 
a freeway. 

Quick-thinking koala: How Timberwolf survived a terrifying ride

28 August 2014

Timberwolf the koala is lucky to have survived a terrifying 88km ride down an Aussie freeway clinging to the bottom of a car.

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