Published: Friday March 14, 2014 MYT 12:10:00 PM
Updated: Friday March 14, 2014 MYT 12:12:46 PM

KFC Canada creates Big Mac knock-off

KFC Canada debuts their Big Boss sandwich, a blatant Big Mac knock-off.

KFC Canada debuts their Big Boss sandwich, a blatant Big Mac knock-off.

Big Boss open about inspiration for its chicken fillet sandwich.

LOOK out Big Mac. After Burger King launched a riff on the iconic double-decker burger last year, KFC Canada has launched its own version with a Big Boss sandwich that makes no bones about the fact that it’s inspired by McDonald’s.

“Look familiar?” reads the KFC Canada ad.

Indeed, it should, as the beefless burger features two crispy chicken fillets sandwiched between sesame seed buns, “special sauce”, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions.

The worldwide debut of the Big Boss is pitched as a “fresh alternative to the iconic double burger”, said KFC Canada’s chief marketing officer David Vivenes in a statement, with “no pre-formed patties”.

Last fall, Burger King launched their own version of McDonald’s Big Mac with their sandwich Big King.

Its signature distinction? “Unique fire-grilling”, said BK. – AFP Relaxnews

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