New York is the vegan capital of the world

Never come between Malaysians and their food

Man Vs tiny eating machine video goes viral

A celebration of all things pizza – in its spiritual home

Gordon Ramsay to open new restaurant in the US

  • Calorific yumminess: At the 2014 Pizza Makers World Championships, Naples was host to 'Napoli Pizza Village', a huge celebration of the art of combining bread and tomato sauce with cheese - and just about anything else that comes to hand. 
- AFP/Mario Laporta

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Sailor's chicken franks.
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There's a resurgence in home baking in America now. Cakes such as the Lane (left) and Bundt (above) are popular.
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What is sous vide?

Chef Michael Voltaggio explains the technique, and shows how it's done in a microwave oven.

Simmering vs boiling water

Find out the difference and what you should cook in simmering and boiling water.

How to assemble pulut dakap

These glutinous rice-banana parcels are tied together in pairs.

Robots making ramen

This restaurant in Japan has robochefs to make the noodle dishes served there.

How to cut watermelon

A simple but brilliant technique.

Waste wars

A short film on food waste in America

How to pinch pie crust

Give a double crust pie a lovely fluted edge with this easy technique.

Cooking spinach in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how to cook freeze-dried spinach, while aboard the International Space Station.

Around the world in 20 eggs

Make eggs, not war.

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