Malaysian food for the ages

Central Perk hits NYC: Get your coffee at the 'Friends' cafe

Dinner in White tradition sparkles again in New York

Grow ‘Buddha pears’ and heart-shaped watermelon

The story of the humble cook, Jeffrey Tan

  • Culinary innovation: Putting the final touches before dinner is served at Datuk Dr Khoo's residence.

Eating Out

The Jalur Gemilang Ice Kacang is the signature dish of the â¿¿Shiokâ¿  Hi-Tea spread,
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Robots making ramen

This restaurant in Japan has robochefs to make the noodle dishes served there.

How to cut watermelon

A simple but brilliant technique.

Waste wars

A short film on food waste in America

How to pinch pie crust

Give a double crust pie a lovely fluted edge with this easy technique.

Cooking spinach in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how to cook freeze-dried spinach, while aboard the International Space Station.

Around the world in 20 eggs

Make eggs, not war.

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