4 recipes for dinner by the bowlful

Le partnership between DC Restaurant and Le Cordon Bleu a Goût tie-up

Chef Raymond Blanc takes a hard look at the state of French cuisine

BreadTalk pulls Lee Kuan Yew bun after social media roasting

Celebrate the Malaysian F1 GP with Marini’s On 57

  • Tiny teasers: Amuse bouche of crispy French snails in brick pastry, fried frog leg with garlic cream and Comte cheese gougeres. Photos: KID CHAN STUDIO
  • French chef Raymond Blanc: ‘I don’t believe in an Anglo-Saxon conspiracy. But it is the first time that our gastronomy has been called into question.’ Photo: AFP
  • Marinis F1 party special cocktail menu will have drinks that feature the team colours of the various F1 teams, such as this one for Force India Team. Do the colours remind you of any countrys national flag?


Sienna Williams-Van Balen, 8, of Castle Shannon, shows the contents of her purse which include several EpiPens, two different inhalers, and methylprednisolone steroids in case of anaphylactic shock on Feb. 28, 2015 in Castle Shannon, Pa. (Ralph Musthaler/Pittburgh Post-Gazette/TNS)
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