Tiny Hamster is 2014 Google food star

2014: The year that online grocery shopping got local

Restaurant in Japan bans lovey dovey couples

Doodle your way into edible art

Holiday gift ideas for the budding master chef in your life

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How to freeze egg yolks

America's Test Kitchen shows you how to make a homemade version of cryoprotectant, which lets you freeze egg yolks for up to two weeks.

Hot to cut corn kernels off the cob

Food & Wine Test Kitchen whiz Justin Chapple demos a genius trick for cutting corn kernels off the cob.

How to take great pictures with your smart phone

Chicago food photographer Stephen Hamilton shares his tips on how to take beautiful, yet simple photos on your smart phone.

How much food does $5 buy

Here's how much coffee, meat, beer, McDonald's etc you can get for $5 in countries around the world.

Cooking technique: Flambe

Watch how this chef 'fires up' his crepes.

How to colour food purple naturally

Here's an easy way to colour tofu for your bento box meal.

What is sous vide?

Chef Michael Voltaggio explains the technique, and shows how it's done in a microwave oven.

Simmering vs boiling water

Find out the difference and what you should cook in simmering and boiling water.

How to assemble pulut dakap

These glutinous rice-banana parcels are tied together in pairs.

Robots making ramen

This restaurant in Japan has robochefs to make the noodle dishes served there.

How to cut watermelon

A simple but brilliant technique.

Waste wars

A short film on food waste in America

How to pinch pie crust

Give a double crust pie a lovely fluted edge with this easy technique.

Cooking spinach in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield explains how to cook freeze-dried spinach, while aboard the International Space Station.

Around the world in 20 eggs

Make eggs, not war.

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