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10 best value holiday destinations for 2014

Get more for your travel money with the 10 cheapest places to go on holiday in 2014.

WITH more bargain flights now available than ever before, you can jet off somewhere exotic and still manage to stick to a small budget. But throw in accommodation, transport and the odd ice cream by the pool and before you know it you’ve blown the holiday cash.

So here are 10 best value destinations where you’ll get the most bang you get for your holiday buck:

1. Vietnam

Now a well-established stop on the Southeast Asia trail, it’s still possible to find beds for £3.50 (RM19.20) a night in the country’s largest city, bustling Ho Chi Minh. With hearty bowls of delicious pho, chicken or beef noodle soup, for 60p (RM6.60) and a pint of local beer costing no more than 30p (RM3.30), experience some of Vietnam’s rich culture and history for pennies.

2. Bali, Indonesia

With the British pound growing stronger against the Indonesian rupiah, Bali is a great value long-haul option. It’s just one of Indonesia’s stunning islands, packed with glittering temples and beautiful beaches. Head to Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali, and find private accommodation from £5 (RM27) a night, as well as affordable ‘genuine fake’ designer goods for the tightest traveller’s budget.

3. The Gambia

Although The Gambia is the smallest country in (mainland) Africa, you’ll certainly find big savings here. Pay just 50p (RM2.70) for the chance to spot chimpanzees and baboons in the River National Park, or take a break from trekking at Sanyang Beach, where you’ll find the most affordable accommodation.

4. Bulgaria

With cheap flights from Britain to Bulgaria’s Black Sea, this popular holiday destination offers plenty of bargains. Sunny Beach pretty much does what it says on the label, a seaside resort right up your street for relaxing and working on your tan without spending more than £20 (RM108) a day. And yes, the drink is cheap.

5. Hungary

A view of the Parliament buidling in Budapest. - Photo from Wikimedia Commons
A view of the Parliament buidling in Budapest. - Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Budapest, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, attracts thousands of tourists every year. With its Medieval castles, leafy parks and busy nightlife, it’s easy to see why. The fact that you can easily get by on £25 (RM135) a day is another reason to spend some time in Hungary’s capital.

6. India

Popular with many backpackers and travellers on a budget, it’s possible to explore this colourful country and live like a Raj. Get to Goa and hunt for bargains in Anjuna flea market, swim with turtles and try your hand at kitesurfing. You can do all this for about £4 (RM21.60) a day, including accommodation, food and a sunset cocktail on one of the many beautiful beaches this region has to offer.

7. Turkey

Fancy a slice of the Mediterranean but want to save a few pennies at the same time? Why not try southwest Turkey? With a Riviera to rival France, Pamphylia is the main tourist destination in this part of the world. With reasonably priced rooms, cheap traditional döner kebabs and plenty of Roman ruins to explore for free, you can live comfortably here on a shoestring.

8. Cambodia

The Angkor Wat in Cambodia. - Photo from Wikimedia Commons
The Angkor Wat in Cambodia. - Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Cambodia is home to one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Angkor Wat. Cycle out to the complex for the 4am sunrise, one of the most famous in the world. A stay in Siem Reap, the nearest town to Angkor, is a steal, with beds going for as little as £1 (RM5.40) a night!

9. Latvia

Looking for a city break that won’t blow the budget? Riga, Latvia, is fast becoming a popular weekend getaway spot due to its lively nightlife and stunning architecture. Pick up a bargain in Riga Central Market or splurge on a husky dog sledding adventure. It’s easy to spend less than £50 (RM270) for the entire trip, excluding flights, here.

10. Honduras

A view of West Bay Beach in Honduras. - Photo from Wikimedia Commons
A view of West Bay Beach in Honduras. - Photo from Wikimedia Commons

The cost of a flight to Central America’s second biggest country may set you back a fair bit, but once you land in Honduras the cost of luxury is much cheaper than in neighbouring Costa Rica. With new resorts springing up, many parts of Honduras retain a rural charm, which means it’s still relatively cheap. Get in now for low-cost diving trips, bargain cocktails and lots of palm tree-lined beaches to laze on for absolutely nothing. – Skyscanner (

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