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The Brits are a pull for the Americans

London is most popular destination among US travelers. - Photo from AFP

London is most popular destination among US travelers. - Photo from AFP

London is most popular destination among US travellers.

IT seems US travellers would prefer a fish and chip-fueled trip to London over a macaron-scented Paris, after the British capital emerged the top international destination among US travellers in a newly released report.

That’s according to, which came up with a list of the most frequented destinations of 2013 based on numbers from its own Hotel Price Index.

The latest ranking – albeit only focusing on one market – comes in the aftermath of a recent spat between Paris and London, in which French officials and media disputed claims that London is on track to overtake Paris with a projected 16 million international visitors in 2013.

The significance? That would knock Paris off its perch as the most visited city in the world.

Meanwhile, in the report, Toronto bumped Rome to fourth place to crack the top three spots thanks to a plunging Canadian dollar and “captivating art scene.”

The report also singles out Dubai as a destination to watch, as the affluent city surpassed longtime favourites like Madrid, Florence, and Venice, cracking the top 15 foreign cities on the list.

Last year alone, the city opened 16 new properties and a new airport to much fanfare.

Here are the top 10 most popular foreign cities of 2013 amongst American travellers by – destinations that are expected to continue to trend this year, the report says.

1. London

2. Paris

3. Toronto

4. Rome

5. Vancouver

6. Tokyo

7. Hong Kong

8. Montreal

9. Barcelona

10. Niagara Falls

– AFP Relaxnews

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