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Monday, 12 June 2017 | MYT 10:30 AM

E3 2017: Devolver Digital June 12 – how to watch and what to expect

Devolver scored big with first-person shooter videgame Shadow Warrior. — Devolver

Devolver scored big with first-person shooter videgame Shadow Warrior. — Devolver

With a reputation for irreverence and a knack for picking out hidden gems from smaller, less well-known studios, Devolver Digital -- which has scored big hits with the Shadow Warrior, Serious Sam and Hotline Miami franchises  returns on June 12 to head up Twitch TV's second live-streamed showcase presentation anchored around the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo. 

As an invited guest of Amazon's Twitch TV game-streaming platform, often irreverent and always self-aware publisher Devolver is delivering its own take on the state of the gaming industry as well as the state of its own release calendar for the near future.

The Devolver Digital: Mega Press Conference "won't have any new game reveals," the outsider publisher said through its Twitter account, before teasing a special guest appearance from revered developer Goichi Suda of the heavily stylised Killer7, No More Heroes and, more recently, Let It Die.

It's a mischievous contradiction, especially considering that Suda has previously expressed a deep appreciation for the Devolver-published Hotline Miami and for the publisher's ethos as a whole.

With that in mind, let's examine Devolver's schedule for the coming months. 

Just announced is 2018's The Swords of Ditto for PC and PlayStation 4, a "compact" and purposely repeatable fantasy adventure whose visuals have drawn comparisons to beloved cartoon series Adventure Time.

Then there's hand-to-hand combat adventure Absolver, the August 2017 debut from a new French studio whose leads had been on the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs and Red Steelfranchises.

First person shooter franchise "Serious Sam" is still going strong after 16 years of backpedalling away from people with bombs for heads.

Original developer Croteam has been exploring VR and preparing Serious Sam 4, while the Crackshell studio has spin-off splatfest Serious Sam's Bogus Detour expected imminently; Croteam is also working on a sequel to puzzle island The Talos Principle.

As well as its own catalog of up-and-coming indie games, Devolver is also prominently backing the Indie Megabooth showcase (, so it follows that some of the best and brightest from that current crop could turn up during its Twitch broadcast 

E3 2017

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Known for: Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, Broforce, The Talos Principle, Absolver

Starting time: 1pm (June 13) China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines

Streaming sites:




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