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Curious Cook: Tales from a food diary, part 1

In this two-part series, the columnist notes down a few curious titbits and thoughts about food from last year.

Japan’s lady bodybuilders smashing stereotypes

TOKYO: Glistening with sweat, Satoko Yamanouchi’s biceps ripple and the veins in her neck throb as if about to pop as she strikes a fearsome pose at the Japan bodybuilding championships.

Contaminated eggs scandal spreads from Europe to Asia

BRUSSELS: A scandal involving eggs contaminated with insecticide spread to 15 EU countries, Switzerland and as far away as Hong Kong on Friday as the European Commission called for a special meeting on the growing crisis.

Europol says 66 arrested in horsemeat scandal investigation

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europol said on Sunday 66 people had been arrested for trading horsemeat unfit for human consumption and it had seized bank accounts, properties and luxury cars following an investigation into a food scandal that shocked European consumers.

Talks expose limits of what Russia, Turkey and Iran can achieve in Syria

ASTANA/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition in Kazakhstan were a coup for their international sponsors, but exposed the limits of what Russia, Turkey and Iran can achieve in their efforts to resolve the six-year-old war.

Chef celebrates the horse – in four dishes

A restaurant in Kazakhstan specialises in four dishes with horsemeat that bring out the taste and texture of the meat.

Food recalls: From horsemeat to chocolate bars

The international recall of Mars chocolate bars is the latest high-profile case of a major food brand being pulled due to a health scare.

It’s curtains for the barcode

As consumers demand more information on products, including calories and provenance, and retailers want details like batch numbers and sell-by date, the ubiquitous barcode may be put to pasture soon.

Days numbered for barcodes as shoppers demand more data

Growing demand for more information about the products we buy could mean the end of the simple barcode – the blocks of black and white stripes that adorn most objects for sale and are scanned five billion times a day.

Foraging for food in the Icelandic wild

Icelandic foraging expert Úlfar Finnbjörnsson talks about Icelandic cuisine and the country's foraging culture.