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Trump to attend Asia summits

JAKARTA: Donald Trump will attend a series of key summits in Asia in November, his vice-president said.

The US president will go to the US-Asean and East Asia meetings in the Philippines, as well as a gathering of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group in Vietnam, Vice-President Mike Pence said yesterday.

Former president Barack Obama, who had championed a “pivot to Asia”, was a frequent visitor to the Asia-Pacific as he sought to refocus US foreign policy on the region to counter growing Chinese influence.

Trump’s decision to attend the meetings could come as a surprise to some, given his fiery “America first” rhetoric and his decision to abandon a Pacific trade pact that was the economic plank of the pivot.

Trump’s attendance at the meetings was “a sign, I hope to all, of our firm and unwavering commitment to build on the strong foundations that we already share,” Pence said. — AFP