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Friday, 29 August 2014

Few murder cases and high solution rate, says minister

THERE are few murders in Singa­pore, and the rate of solving such crimes here is also “very high”, said Law Minister K. Shanmugam in a Facebook post.

Singapore registered 11 murders in the year 2012, translating into one murder for every 480,000 persons. Shanmugam contrasted this with Honduras, “the world’s most violent country”, where one in every 1,100 residents was killed.

“It is worth noting that we also have a very high solution rate for murder – which is somewhere in the region of 90%, against the global rate of about 43%,” he added.

But it is important that Singa­pore remain vigilant, noted Shanmugam. He pointed to a recent research study of Singapore’s homicide trends by two Home Affairs Ministry senior officers which found a number of instances of group violence in Singapore between male gangs that have led to deaths.

“Instances of violence should be reviewed regularly to see if the current legal and enforcement frameworks can be more targeted and, hence, more effective,” he said. — The Singapore Straits Times / Asia News Network

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