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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Singapore's teachers among world's youngest

SINGAPORE’s 33,000-strong teaching force is among the youngest in the world – 36-years old compared with 43 on average worldwide – but they are well-trained before going into the classrooms, seek continual training and feel valued by society, according to a global survey of teachers.

The five-yearly Teaching and Learning International Survey (Talis) that saw 34 countries taking part last year, also found Singapore teachers among the most hard working.

The 3,109 lower secondary teachers from 159 school who participated in the study said they worked 48 hours a week on average, 10 hours more than the Talis average of 38 hours.

Those surveyed reported spending eight hours a week on average on lesson plans, nine hours a week on marking and five hours a week on administrative work.

Teachers from the other countries spent an average of seven hours on lesson planning, five hours on marking and three hours a week on administrative matters.

Japanese teachers reported working even longer hours – 54 hours in a week, while American teachers reported working 45 hours a week and Australians, 43 hours a week, in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development survey. — The Straits Times / Asia News Network

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