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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tokyo bans sale of incest manga to kids

TOKYO: The Tokyo government is to ban sales to children of a manga comic that depicts incestuous relationships, an official said, the first time expanded rules on sexual content have been invoked.

Little Sisters Paradise! 2, which was published last month, will be classified as an “unhealthy publication” that must be kept out of children’s reach.

The comic, a spinoff from an adult-orientated computer game with the same title, says on its cover: “More naughty days of a brother and five sisters”.

Experts for Tokyo Metropolitan Government “has reached the decision that (this manga) meets the criteria. We are moving to publicise the decision” formally on Friday, said an official in charge of youth affairs.

Manga is a style of Japanese comic book typically aimed at adults as well as children. — AFP

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