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Monday, 27 January 2014 | MYT 7:09 AM

End of the year bonus on worker's mind

WITH the Spring Festival fast approaching, one trending topic on social media in China is year-end bonuses.

Employees took to Weibo to express their wishes for a big, fat bonus, while getting jealous at stories of others receiving stacks of cash or luxury cars during year-end parties.

In Yancheng, Jiangsu province, the owner of an apparel company rewarded a top performer with a car worth 500,000 yuan (RM275,600).

The employer surnamed Liu told Yangtze Evening Post that the gifts were given in recognition of their services and the employees totally deserved the awards.

One of the recipients identified as Wang clarified that he was given the rights to use the car for five years and not the ownership of the car, but that did not stop him from being the centre of attention among his family and friends.

Another Internet company in Guangzhou has reportedly prepared 10 Audi cars as year-end bonuses for its employees.

The cars, adorned with red “year-end bonus” banners, were parked at the lobby of the office block, attracting envious stares.

But not every employer was as generous.

Over at Yangzhou in Jiangsu province, a carwash centre owner learned that year-end bonus was no joking matter.

Yangzhou Evening News reported that his three employees resigned on the spot when he presented them with lottery tickets in lieu of year-end bonuses.

One of the employees told the newspaper that the 30-something employer had earlier promised them a bonus of 500 yuan (RM275.60) if they agreed to work for a few more days before the Chinese New Year.

However, instead of cash, the boss distributed the lottery ticket bought at just 2 yuan (RM1.10) each while he jokingly said that they were getting a gift of five million yuan.

The boss explained to the newspaper that he was only pulling their legs and would still present them with the cash bonus, but an argument ensued when the employees demanded a pay rise.

The touchy subject of year-end bonus has also inspired a song and a video that went viral on the cyberspace.

A Netizen by the name of Jian Shao Xi made a video by combining snippets from several period dramas, including Zhang Yimou’s Hero.

The seven-and-a-half-minute clip titled Boss, Please Distribute Year-end Bonus showed the crowd ganging up against their boss to demand for bonus.

Adapted from the theme song of popular reality TV show Where Are We Going, Dad?, a song dubbedWhere Has the Year-end Bonus Gone struck a chord among the listeners.

“Sit next to your boss at lunch tomorrow and play this song,” a Weibo user suggested to her friend.

“We don’t have year-end bonuses this year. What a painful subject,” another user lamented.


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