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How to discover your children’s hidden passions

Is it piano or violin, football or swimming? Are your children’s interests constantly changing from day to day?

They are inquisitive, often full of excitement and curiosity to try all sorts of new things. It’s through their awe and wonder of the world that keeps them exploring and learning every day.

With so many stimulating activities to choose from, children can find it difficult to focus on what they really want. With that in mind, here are some tips on how you as a parent can help them develop their interests.

Allow them to explore different things

Introduce your children to a variety of activities outside of school. This allows them to explore other hobbies and even find one that they’re passionate about.

Perhaps, school isn’t stimulating their interests – encourage them to take up activities that are not offered in school like ballet, coding or even pottery.

Remember that it’s their passion – not yours

You might have big dreams for your children, but their passion may not line up with yours. While you may have good intentions, don’t push your personal interest upon them.

Try not to pressure your children into an activity or make them feel the need to do it just to please you. In a situation that involves coercion, no one is truly going to be happy at the end of the day.

Have patience

Remember that your children are still developing their interests. They may change over time – one moment they could be obsessed with the piano, the next, they could be avoiding it.

If you’re worried about the costs that come with every short-term interest, enrol your children in trial classes just to test the waters out.

Be involved in their journey

Take some initiative and help nurture their passion in whatever they’re enthusiastic about. If they’re very involved in sports, make time to attend the sporting events that they participate in to show your support.

Be there to encourage your children and get involved whenever you are able to. 

Support them when the going gets tough

Your children’s journey in searching for what truly drives them may not necessarily be a smooth one. It will take some time and there will be obstacles and confusion along the way.

It’s especially difficult when they have to juggle their passions while preparing for exams. It could be a big source of stress and pressure that may be holding them back.

Find ways to support your children. Try talking to their teachers, find out how your child is performing, and encourage them when they need help. Guide them through the process of self-discovery and give them a gentle push in the right direction when they need it.

Most importantly, be sure that your children’s health comes first.

Keep them energised

If your children show an amazing amount of talent at what they’re passionate about, try not to overwhelm them with a barrage of classes and competitions. Keep an eye on your children’s energy levels to help them perform at their very best.

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