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Nora finds strength in Nedim


NORA Danish (pic) has faced much adversity in her 12 years as an artiste but she said her marriage with Nedim Nazri on March 30 has given her the strength to overcome every hardship, Harian Metro reported.

The latest controversy involved her and Fasha Sandha, which resulted in her suing the actress and a blogger.

“I am grateful that I have been blessed with a husband who is understanding, supportive and loving,” Nora said recently.

On rumours that she will be retiring from the entertainment scene, she said it was not time yet.

“How can I leave a field that has been my dream since I was little? Acting has been part of my life and is my hobby,” she said.

Nora, 35, has also been active in promoting her first single Ini Lagi Boom with KRU Music.

When KRU Music executive president Datuk Norman Abdul Halim approached her last year to sing, Nora admitted that she could not sing well and, in fact, people tend to criticise actors or actresses who tried singing.

“When I was told that I did not need to sing but only make the rap section a success, I was excited, especially since the song is sung by my favourite rap singer W.A.R.I.S,” she said, adding that she was happy that the song has been well received.


> Harian Metro also reported that the wife of a man who kicked her in the face because she did not want to go to his parents’ home has forgiven him.

Siti Norlizawati Ahmad, 34, told the judge Nazri Ismail in the Sessions Court in Kota Baru, however, that she wanted her husband to be punished so he could be taught a lesson.

Her husband, Sahabuddin Ahmad, 39, who had earlier pleaded guilty to assaulting her at a house in Jalan Pengkalan Chepa at about 11am on Dec 20, 2016, was sentenced to three years’ jail.

“I hope he won’t repeat the offence,” said Siti Norlizawati, who suffered bleeding to her mouth as well as bruises from the kicking.

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