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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A black Friday for Malaysians

PETALING JAYA: Many Malaysians have vowed to wear black to show solidarity on the national day of mourning this Friday when the first batch of the remains of MH17 victims is brought back to the country.

Business owner Deepa Senghera, 33, said she mourned the loss of the 298 passengers on MH17 every day although she did not personally know anyone on that flight.

“I will not mourn their loss only on Friday but every day because they were human beings on their way to a new beginning and with renewed hopes of tomorrow.

“They were people looking forward to spending time with their families.

“They were real people with dreams,” she said, adding that she would be wearing black on Friday.

A 23-year-old analyst, who wished to be known as San, said she would wear black to show solidarity.

“Their loved ones need to know that other Malaysians are with them,” she said.

Corporate communications senior executive Darlene Liew, 29, said she would wear an all-black outfit to work to show her respect for the MH17 victims and their families.

“The incident has not deterred me from flying. I just feel sad that this happened to us. So many innocent lives were taken away for a reason that only God knows. It is really unfortunate,” she said.

Company executive Wen Xin said she hoped more people would wear black to mark the sadness of Malaysians over the incident.

“It is a peaceful way of showing how we feel. Those innocent people on board shouldn’t have died that way,” said the 28-year-old.

Senior public relations manager T. Vanitha Mani said she would wear black not just to show support but to also mourn and share the pain of the families.

“It is a day that we as Malaysians should forget our differences and see the colour black as a form of being united as one,” she said.

A schoolteacher who wished to be known as Helena, 31, said she would be wearing a black outfit to school.

“We will mourn for the loss of these innocent souls. May God have mercy upon them. They will forever be missed,” she said.

Housewife Nadia Othman said instead of wearing black, she would be observing a moment’s silence and watching the live telecast of the ceremony.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai was reported to have said that Cabinet ministers would be dressed in black this Friday while no dress code had been imposed on the public.

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