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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Motorists remove illegal shades due to impending crackdown

PETALING JAYA: Motorists with heavily-tinted car windows are making adjustments due to an impending nationwide police crackdown.

Tint shops are experiencing brisk business, with operators saying that many motorists are coming to replace their dark tints with lighter ones as permitted by the law.

To encourage the reduction of dark tint levels, some shops are even offering “trade-in” promotions where motorists are given a cash back. Other shops are offering discounts on high-quality legal tints.

GLS Tint Shop manager Willie Cheng said his shop in USJ7 was getting more customers of late who wanted to replace their dark tints.

“Over the past week, about 12 vehicle owners came to remove their dark window tints for lighter ones.

“Such requests were very rare before. Until the announcement of the police operation, no one was worried about their tinting levels,” he said, adding that his shop would offer discounts between RM500 and RM700 for V-Kool Premier and V-Kool 55 tints from June 1.

Cheng revealed that there were some motorists who were adopting a “wait-and-see” stance.

This is due to a Transport Ministry workshop scheduled for June 2 which is aimed at reviewing window tint regulations.

“They had wanted to change their tints but decided to delay it until after the workshop in case there are fresh proposals,” he added.

A tint shop in Penang also reported a sudden increase in requests to reduce tinting levels.

“Previously, we never got any request to remove dark tints. But since last week, 20% of our business is just removing the darker shades and replacing them with lighter tints.

“In the past, motorists only changed their window tints due to deterioration but now they are doing it because of the upcoming police operation,” said the manager who declined to be named.

Cool World director Ng Yim Hock said it costs more to remove the dark tints and to install lighter shades.

“To encourage the reduction of dark tints levels, we are offering a trade-in promotion where customers get a RM350 cash back for their old window films until middle of July,” he said.

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