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Tuesday, 27 May 2014 | MYT 5:40 PM

Sex joke leaves singer Soo Wincci a little red-faced

Iqram and Soo at the launching of her album in December

Iqram and Soo at the launching of her album in December

PETALING JAYA: A "suggestion" to an actor friend that he send sexual messages to her male fan left singer Soo Wincci wallowing in guilt.

Soo said it all started when she jokingly told actor Iqram Dinzly, who had been accused of being in same-sex relationships, about sending the messages to her fan who is residing in London.

“I intentionally asked Iqram do it because there is gossip going around about him and ‘gay’ activities.

"I took it as a joke and did not realise that it would spread and be misconstrued,” Soo, 28, told mStar, Staronline's Bahasa Malaysia portal.

Photographs and explicit messages allegedly sent by Iqram were posted on a blog on Monday. The blog claimed that the messages were between Iqram and another man.

In a previous interview with mStar, Iqram had denied the homosexual allegations against him and claimed that it was a move by certain quarters to sabotage him.

Soo reiterated that her suggestion to Iqram "was meant in jest."

“This is all my fault. The incident happened because of my actions," she said.

Soo revealed that the man happened to be a fan of hers who is now in London.

“He is a fan of mine and wanted to meet up with us and bring us sightseeing in London as he is still a student there.

“However, I was not able to go because I was busy with work in Taiwan. So, I asked that he help Iqram in London,” she said.

Soo expressed disappointment that Iqram did not explain the situation to her or allowed her to resolve the issue.

“I was angry when he did not explain the truth to me. He did not want to drag me into the issue. His excuse was that he did not want to disturb my work in Taiwan.

"But I felt guilty and wanted to tell the truth behind this misunderstanding," she said.

She added that Iqram and her are still good friends and that he took the whole thing lightly.

Soo now resides in Taiwan where she is trying to expand her singing and acting career.


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