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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Chef Wan: Eating healthy begins at home

JOHOR BARU: Parents should teach their children to cook and appreciate home-cooked meals which is much healthier than eating out, said celebrity Datuk Chef Wan.

Chef Wan said that most parents pushed their children when it comes to education and other activities but tend to give less importance to food and nutrition.

“Cook food at home and encourage them to cook as well so that they know exactly what is going into their bodies,” he said after a showcase during the World Health Day celebrations held at the Regency Specialist Hospital here.

Chef Wan added that it was also important for nutritional education to be included in schools especially with health issues, including child obesity, constantly on the rise.

“Other than learning about food and how it affects your body, children should also be encouraged to have their own vegetable patch at school or at home and use their homegrown vegetables to cook delicious meals,” he said.

He added that there was no point blaming food for ruining your health as the choice was always in the hands of the consumer.

Chef Wan candidly added that the eating culture in Malaysia was also unhealthy, as “we tend to cook too much and force food down our throats despite being full”.

“Meals should be planned and the quantity should match the number of people being served.

“Time and again we see parents forcing their children to finish large plates of food just because they cooked too much, and complaining of what a waste it would be to throw the food away,” he said.

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