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Friday, 14 March 2014 | MYT 11:58 AM

Girls just wanna have fun, say netizens of 'magic carpet' nurses

PETALING JAYA: If laughter is the best medicine, then netizens see little harm in three Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) nurses spoofing bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin in a viral photo.

After earlier reports indicated that the trio might face suspension for their actions, hundreds of netizens took to social media to voice their support for the women.


Netizen Ken Loo’s succinct take on the matter earned hundreds of Likes on Facebook: “If they need to be suspended, then the bomoh need to be jailed.”


However, it was later confirmed that HKL was only conducting a detailed investigation of the matter.


Susan Abraham found their sense of humour to be a good tonic, while Sip Lee lauded the health care workers for their playful and cheerful nature: “Beautiful people with smiling faces. Help the sick and depressed patients. Should allow them to cheer up the depressed.”


Jon Navaratnam also came to their defence: “Those working in health care are always very stressed and most times work 16 or 24 hour shifts. This is just nurses having some fun. Let ‘em be for God's sake.”


For Iswardy Morni, their fun-loving natures were worthy of a job offer: “If they are terminated, they can work with my company (we specialise in health). We need more brave and creative people.”


However, some were less approving of their actions.


Kiran Nesarajah questioned the handling of medical equipment in the photo: “You expect nurses to be working during their shift, patient care is more important. They look like ICU nurses. FYI those pumps and equipment cost thousands and precision instruments. They are not toys.”


Jamielah Yaakob, a nurse by profession, opined that though one can have fun at work, such pranks should not be in the public eye: “Private fun should stay as private fun. Not to be shared in social media.”


Sharmila Sivasangaran also lamented the lack of professionalism: “Although it's just for fun, they should respect the uniform they're wearing and the place they're working at to maintain the image of nurses. This scenario will never happen with nurses of the past. Just my two cents.”


Meanwhile, Damien Shan commended HKL for their measured response to the matter: “I respect GHKL for not overreacting and not taking drastic measures on their staff … They were just fooling around hopefully on their own leisure time. But girls, next time don't do it with your uniform and cover your face la.”


The three nurses were among many others who had parodied the "magic carpet" set up by Ibrahim and his followers at KL International Airport, which was part of rituals to locate the missing MH370.

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