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Monday, 10 March 2014

Canadian citizens boarded MH370 to return to Beijing

PETALING JAYA: The two young sons of Canadian citizens Muktesh Mukherjee, 42, and Xiaomo Bai, 37, are anxiously awaiting their parents’ return from a holiday in Vietnam. So are their many relatives in India.

The couple, who had been living in Beijing, had boarded MH370 to return to Beijing where the family lives.

According to Mukherjee’s LinkedIn profile, the former Montreal resident was serving as vice-president of the China operations for Xcoal Energy and Resources, a position he had held since May 2012.

He is also the grandson of Mohan Kamaramangalam, the steel and mines minister in former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s Cabinet. Kumaramangalam himself had died in an air crash in New Delhi in 1973.

CBC News reported that Mukherjee and Bai met when he was in Beijing on a business trip in January 2002, and were married in Montreal in August the same year. Bai was reported to have studied at the Beijing Foreign Studies University.

On their Facebook accounts, the couple had posted photos during their vacation at a resort on the coast of Vietnam.

While their children wait in Beijing, relatives in India are clinging to hope.

“I still hope that God will not be so cruel to a family,” said his uncle in Calcutta.

The Courier-Mail of Australia reported that Australian couple Catherine and Robert Lawton (pic), 54 and 58, had headed off on a long-planned trip to China together with their friends Rodney and Mary Burrows, 59 and 54.

The Lawtons have three daughters, Amanda, Melissa and Glenda, and two grandchildren.

“Dad phoned this morning and said ‘Bobby’s plane is missing’.

“I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. We just want to know where it is, where the plane’s come down, if there’s anything left,” Robert’s brother David Lawton was quoted as saying.

The New York Times spoke to the father of Philip Wood, 50, another passenger on MH370 and an IBM employee in Kuala Lumpur.

“What can you do? What can you say?”

“We’re all sticking together,” his father, Aubrey Wood, said from his home in Texas.

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