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Saturday, 22 February 2014

A mother's worst nightmare

Inconsolable: A family member crying by the river where the eight boys drowned in Sungai Muar.

Inconsolable: A family member crying by the river where the eight boys drowned in Sungai Muar.

SEGAMAT: Suhaili Sarudin had a dreadful nightmare early yesterday. She had dreamt of a rotting body near the house.

Hours later, she was facing a real-life nightmare – her son was among eight boys who drowned in Sungai Muar near Buloh Kasap.

“I never imagined the nightmare was a sign that I would never see my son alive again,” the 39-year-old said between sobs.

The body of her son Mohd Nazrul Aminuddin Zambri, 16, was recovered yesterday afternoon along with the body of his friends, Mohd Hafizul Danial Norhashim, 16, and Mohd Zikri Zaidi, 14.

Five others still missing and feared drowned are Mohd Izoan Hakimis Amin, 13, Mohd Noreen Zainal, 14, Mohd Zaki Zaidi, 16, Mohd Hafizuddin Kamal, 16, and Mohd Syafiq Md Syukur, 16.

Tragic end to jogging session

Mohd Hafizuddin’s mother Nur Azian Che Ramli, 35, said that her son had always been athletic and active in school.

“He and his group of friends were a close bunch and always saw each other almost every day even after school,” she said.

She said they usually gathered at her house in Taman Mewah here.

“If I knew that they were going to the river, I would not have allowed him to go because it is a dangerous place,” she said.

One of the boys, Mohd Shahrul Abdul Halim, 14, said they started jogging at a nearby recreational area at about 6.30am. After the run, they rested at a shack near the river.

He said while six of them re­­mained there, eight walked down along the riverbank.

“Mohd Hafizuddin, who was fooling around, said he wanted to swim, but I told him it was dangerous as the sand was soft.

“Suddenly, he sank into the river and disappeared. My other friends jumped in to pulled him out but they, too, did not come up again,” he said.

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