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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 | MYT 3:29 PM

Khairy tweets about Waytha's shortcomings

PETALING JAYA: Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has gone on twitter to defend Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over condemnations made by former deputy minister and Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy.

Saying that he did not want to reveal details about Waythamoorthy’s work ethics, Khairy tweeted: "I know Waytha & didn't want to have to reveal this. But when you pin blame unfairly on PM, I hv no choice. Collective cabinet responsibility."

In a succession of tweets, Khairy lambasted Waythamoorthy saying his methods of effecting change were not mindful of procedures.

“Fact is, Waythamoorthy demanded all govt budget for Indian community be parked under his discretion. That's not how govt operates.

“Waythamoorthy wanted to control the money, bypassing ministries & agencies. When he didn't get this, he quit & blamed PM @NajibRazak.,” Khairy said.

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“Waythamoorthy should not blame PM for his failures in effecting change. He was not a team player & wasn't effective in advocating his cause,” Khairy said in one of the tweets.

Khairy explained that contrary to Waythamoorthy’s claims, Najib was responsive in tackling issues which were highlighted.

“Whenever Waythamoorthy brought matters to @NajibRazak's attn, they were resolved. Ask @mpkotabelud abt housing problems for Indian community,” said Khairy.
Khairy added that the Government remained committed to developing the Indian community and resolving issues even without the help of Waythamoorthy.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Waythamoorthy accused Najib of not keeping to his promises as stipulated in a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Barisan Nasional and Hindraf before the May 2013 general election.

On Feb 10, Waythamoorthy submitted his resignation as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and the following day, from his post as a senator.

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