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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Thirteen-month-old's weighty problem a medical puzzle

Khairul Syafiq holding Kyairiel Mikhail who weighs a whopping 17.6kg.

Khairul Syafiq holding Kyairiel Mikhail who weighs a whopping 17.6kg.

TAMPIN: He is just 13 months old but Kyairiel Mikhail is due for another round of MRI and CT scans for a probe into his weight problem.

Doctors are puzzled after his weight ballooned to 17.6kg although he was a normal 2.7kg baby at birth.

He has even outweighed his five-year-old brother, besides dwarfing his three-year-old sister.

“Doctors have carried out a series of tests on him but they, too, are baffled by his condition,” said his worried father Khairul Syafiq, 27, when met at their rented low-cost house in Taman Gunung Mas near here.

Kyairiel Mikhail has only been consuming infant formula since birth as he does not like baby cereal or porridge even when fed with a milk bottle.

Khairul Syafiq said the boy recorded 18.1kg when he turned one last month, but inexplicably lost 0.5kg in the past three weeks.

The family, he said, had also consulted traditional healers but they could not explain his condition.

“They tell me things like bunian (supernatural beings) taking a liking to my son or that my elders may have dabbled with black magic and that my son was paying for it,” he said.

Khairul Syafiq said his own weight was just 52kg while his 25-year-old wife Yusnurlina Mohd Yusof merely tipped 42kg on the scales.

“There is no one in our families who has been like Kyairiel Mikhail,” he said.

Yusnurlina, a housewife, said she had no problems such as morning sickness or food cravings when she was pregnant with Kyairiel Mikhail.

She said doctors had cautioned that her boy might develop kidney, heart and lung problems if he continues to add on the pounds.

“In fact, he is unable to turn or stand up despite his age,” she said, adding that Kyairiel Mikhail would be seeing a dietician and a pulmonologist at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital today.

Next week, he is due for more MRI and CT scans to his head at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban.

“Since doctors have not diagnosed his condition, we have been advised to take him for a twice weekly therapy to strengthen his muscles and help him move,” she said, adding that his family has also fallen on hard times due to their son’s condition.

Khairul Syafiq, who works at a hypermarket here, takes home about RM1,000 a month. Most of his salary goes to buying his son’s diapers, baby formula and taking him for treatments.

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