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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Quickie end to sperm abuse case

On Sept 3, Ahbabovic (right) sued his former girlfriend for abusing his sperm to have “better offspring” from European stock.

On Sept 3, Ahbabovic (right) sued his former girlfriend for abusing his sperm to have “better offspring” from European stock.

KUALA LUMPUR: The dispute between a Bosnian and his ex-girlfriend, who he alleged had used his semen to get a child with European genes, came to a quick finish after the Sessions Court here dismissed both their suits.

Judge Timothy Finlayson Joel, who delivered his judgment in chambers, allowed an application by the 29-year-old woman to strike out Ervin Ahbabovic’s suit and ordered him to pay RM6,500 in costs.

The court agreed with her lawyer’s argument that there was no element of cheating as the couple were in love and had consensual sex while living together.

“The plaintiff’s case is plainly and obviously unsustainable with no prospect of success.

“At the end of the day, the case comes down to a private relationship (between Ahbabovic and his ex-girlfriend) and creative lawyering on facts without (anything) more,” ruled Finlayson Joel in his six-page judgment yesterday.

The woman’s lawyer, James Ee Kah Fuk, told reporters the judge had, by his own volition, also struck out the woman’s counter-claim against Ahbabovic, 41.

Ahbabovic’s lawyer Mohammed Nasser Yusof said his client had instructed him to appeal against the judge’s decision, adding that Ahbabovic may take another suit against his ex.

Neither Ahbabovic nor the woman, who demanded her identity remained private, was present at the court.

On Sept 3, Ahbabovic sued his former girlfriend for allegedly abusing his sperm to have “better offspring” from European stock.

The Bosnian Muslim, a Malaysian permanent resident, also accused his ex-girlfriend of being a sex addict who demanded they have sex six times a day. The now separated pair had lived together some years ago and had a boy born on Feb 7, 2010.

Ahbabovic alleged that after the birth of their son, the woman often found fault with him. He sought relief of RM600,000 for the use of his sperm for the purpose of getting a child in the wrong manner, that the woman recognise him as the father in their son’s birth certificate, costs and other reliefs deemed fit.

In her counter-claim on Oct 1, the woman said Ahbabovic was initially a nice person but later physically, mentally and verbally abused her.

The businesswoman also claimed Ahbabovic was an alcoholic and a womaniser, and had been hauled up for a molest charge, in which he was later given a discharge not amounting to an acquittal.

In her counter-claim, the woman is seeking RM200,000 in compensation and losses, another RM33,000 which she had loaned to the plaintiff, as well as RM16,000 for legal fees, bail money and a fine related to Ahbabovic’s conviction for drink driving. The woman also sought an injunction to prevent Ahbabovic from displaying any information or photographs of her and her company across all media platforms.

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