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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Global meet for young scientists

We can do it: The triumphant students at the ceremony.

We can do it: The triumphant students at the ceremony.

AIN Adibah Roslailee and Farah Hanin Mustapha from Kolej Tunku Kurshiah, Seremban were looking to reduce the level of carbon monoxide in the environment when they embarked on the Super Spider Sieve project.

Their invention that involves making use of Chlorophytum Comosum (spider plant) in the air filter of a vehicle’s exhaust, is one of eight scientific projects by Malaysian students that will be presented at the upcoming Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Ain Adibah and Farah Hanin are among 12 other students representing Malaysia at the Intel ISEF being held in Los Angeles this week where they will be competing with over 1,600 students from around the globe.

The annual Intel ISEF provides an opportunity for young scientists and innovators to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge science projects, and compete for international recognition and over USD4mil (RM13.08mil) in awards and scholarships.

Intel Malaysia Government Affairs director Abdul Rahman Abu Haniffa said something special happens to people at the Intel ISEF.

“Students are inspired to pursue their passion for science, math and engineering. Teachers return to their schools energised and motivated.

“Many participants who come to Intel ISEF find it to be a life-changing experience,” he said at the send-off ceremony.

Abdul Rahman said the Intel ISEF is a great platform for Malaysian students to showcase their talents in innovation and compete with other students on a global stage.

“Malaysia’s finalists have done a fantastic job with their science projects and I wish them all the best for the competition.” he added.

Malaysian delegates to Intel ISEF in previous years have had a fair level of success in sweeping up major awards in competition.

Education Ministry Co-Curricular and Arts Division director Zainudin Abas who was also present at the ceremony, congratulated the students who had been shortlisted to represent the country in the competition.

Intel ISEF finalists are selected annually from 443 affiliated fairs around the world with participating students competing in a diverse range of categories, including computer science, engineering, energy and transportation, environmental management and environmental science.

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