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Le Greene boasts excellent location and features

Rangit: ‘Houses will be ready within a year’

Rangit: ‘Houses will be ready within a year’

THE housebuyers in Ipoh are generally a discerning lot.They will do their homework diligently; including visiting many show units before signing on the dotted line.

“Among their major concerns are location of the property and furnishing,” Energiser Properties Sdn Bhd marketing and sales manager Rangit Singh said in an interview in Ipoh recently.

“Many housebuyers are also going for gated and guarded communites for security reasons nowadays “ he added.

The 20-acre Le Greene — a gated and guarded community in Tambun developed by Energiser Properties — boasts several attractive features.

For instance , Rangit said buyers were able to see the units on the actual site instead of just the layout plan or scale model.

While it was not exactly a build-and-sell project, he said the units were already under construction when they were opened for sale.

“The houses will be ready within a year,” he said.

Le Greene is part of the 126-acre Taman Perpaduan Koperasi in Tambun, Ipoh.

Under the housing law, the delivery of vacant possession of a house is 24 months from the signing of the sale and purchase agreement (S&P) and 36 months if it is a gated guarded unit or highrise unit with strata titles.

Spaciousness is another plus point, and Le Greene units , Rangit said, has a 12-feet high ceiling.

“The basic units are also almost fully extended and this takes away the hassle of renovations.

“The other selling point is its good location,” he said.

Rangit said there were single, double and triple-storey houses to cater to the different needs of buyers.

The buyers, he added, were mostly businessmen or professionals from Ipoh or have family ties in Ipoh.

About 900 houses, he said, were completed in the last seven years.

In another development, Rangit said Ipoh’s first university township, Segi Enclave — was progressing.

The 60-acre township, he added, had been scheduled for completion in four years’ time.

Upbeat about the project, he said the education sector would steer the economy of Ipoh in particular and Perak in general.

Rangit pointed out that the growing domestic tourism in Ipoh as evident by the weekend crowd, augured well for the state’s development.

“People who get to know the city will be drawn to its economic potential.

“Ipoh is just about two hours from Kuala Lumpur and the environment is less stressful and good for the development of education,” he said.

Rangit said a thriving education sector was a catalyst for development in other sectors, like property for instance.

He said the upcoming Segi University College in Ipoh has a projected student population of 6,000 and its campus scheduled for completion in 2016.

Rangit said the 500 units of condominiums in Segi Enclave would be completed in 2018.

The 99 units of shoplots under its phase one were already completed, he said.

Phase two, he added, comprised high end units like bungalows and semi-Ds.

Segi Enclave is along the Ipoh-Lumut Highway and about 15-minutes drive to the Ipoh city centre.