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Saturday, 23 August 2014

All about hygiene and caring for the environment

THE Environment Division comprises two sections — the Environment and the Environmental Health sections.

There are three units under the Environment section — the Pollution Control unit, Environmental Awareness and Development unit and City Cleanliness Control unit.

The Pollution Control Unit monitors industrial and domestic waste products that could leave an impact on the environment.

“An example of this unit’s responsibilities is to measure the noise pollution from factories and certain premises using a sound detection meter.

“However, they do not inspect the noise from food eateries as this falls under another unit,” she explained.

The second unit focuses mainly on implementing programmes to raise awareness on the environment and constructing green buildings.

The City Cleanliness Control unit, according to Dr Hayati, is also known as the “flying squad”, which is called upon in emergency situations.

“Apart from being equipped with chainsaws to cut fallen trees, they can catch snakes, clear beehives and are also equipped with hazmat suits to clean chemical and oil spills,” she said.

She added the unit was also responsible for the clean up of large garbage bins, any sort of internal work that required heavy lifting and managing the council’s mobile toilet (tandas bergerak) service.

Hayati said this unit was responsible for running the Cheras crematorium as well as managing the funeral transportation for deceased DBKL staff.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Health section oversees three units, which are the Premises Sanitation Unit, Public Toilet Sanitation unit and the Stall Cleanliness Unit.

The three units, although varied in scope, are aimed at maintaining the cleanliness of the premises and its close proximity as well as the personal hygiene and necessary vaccinations for food handlers and to ensure that the food sold is not spoilt or contaminated.

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