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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What has become of former landfill sites?

New York, United States

The city recently approved a lease for 18.6ha of the Freshkills Park, once known as the world’s largest landfill, to a company to build and operate a solar power facility which would be able to generate up to 10MW of electricity — enough to power approximately 2,000 homes.

New Jersey, US

What used to be a landfill site about 50 years ago in Elberon will soon be a parking lot next to a park.

Portland, US

A local Buddhist organisation received permission to build a new temple, some residential units and gardens that will be open to the public at a former landfill site.

Manchester, Britain

Several former landfill sites are being studied for their suitability to build new homes for Manchester’s fast-increasing population.

North Bay, Canada

A local naturalist club recently got the city council’s permission to plant milkweeds at a former landfill site that they hope will provide a new habitat for the Monarch butterflies that are becoming an endangered species.

Toronto, Canada

The defunct Ontario Place, built atop a former landfill, will be given a new lease on life by the local government which plans to revitalise it with a park, cultural hub, canal district with stores and restaurants as well as an amphitheatre.

Venice, Italy

Fourteen years after shutting down, the former San Guiliano landfill was reopened as an urban park with pedestrian and cycle paths that also connect the town of Mestre with the lagoon of Venice.

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