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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Top 10 ideas for Raya shoppers

7. Divide and conquer.

7. Divide and conquer.

WITH Hari Raya Aidilfitri just around the corner, there is bound to be a mad dash of last minute shoppers trying to fit a whole month’s worth of shopping into a single day.

If you are one of them, fear not: here is MOB’s guide to last-minute Hari Raya shopping — which we hope will help you get through the scramble with minimal stress.

1. Make a list: It helps to have a clear idea of what to buy so you don’t waste time roaming the aisles trying to think of what you missed. Note that the list should act only as a guide. Chances are, many items might be out of stock, so be creative and find alternatives.

2. Shop online: A good way to avoid the crowd is to make online purchases. Some online clothing stores like Fashionvalet.com offer traditional wear that can be delivered within a few days for a fee. Hypermarkets such as Tesco Malaysia also offer online shopping and delivery service.

3. Stick to a budget: We often buy more than we need when pressed for time. Set a budget and stick to it. To help you stay on track, bring the budgeted amount of money with you and do not carry credit or debit cards.

4. One-stop shopping: You no longer have the luxury of taking your time going through various shops. Instead, go for hypermarkets or shopping malls where everything you need is available under one roof to save time.

5. Consider recycling old decorations: Now is probably a good time to get last year’s decorative lights out from the closet. Get creative and change the arrangements. Recycling helps to save the environment and also reduces cost.

6. By the DIY approach: If you are good at baking or making things, why not take the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach? There are many quick and tasty Raya cookie recipes on the Internet that you can try out. You can also make your own handicrafts as decorations around the home.

7. Divide and conquer: The more, the merrier! Enlist help from family members on what to do or buy. Start a mobile phone chat group to communicate with each other while at the store. That way, you can get more things covered in a shorter amount of time.

8. Start preparing early ... next time: We say that every year, but when it comes down to it, nobody really takes the advice to heart once next year’s Hari Raya comes rolling in. Just remember that shopping for an occasion can be a stressful experience and starting early beats having to worry about whether there will be enough snacks for guests that come visiting.

9. Avoid bringing young children: If you are rushing to complete your shopping on time, having young children around is not going to help your stress level. Ask a friend or family member to babysit for a few hours or leave them at a childcare centre. If you must bring them along, teach them how to ask the shopping centre’s personnel for help if they need it and where to meet if you get separated.

10. Go shopping early or late: Early morning or late at night are usually non-peak hours for shopping centres and supermarkets. If you are not a fan of fighting your way through a sea of people for that last pack of kuih raya, try going at these times to avoid the crowd.

StarMetro team wishes everyone Selamat Hari Raya and a safe journey home.

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