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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Showcase of Latin American culture

Cardenas showing his cigar rolling skills at the Cuban booth during the festival.

Cardenas showing his cigar rolling skills at the Cuban booth during the festival.

VISITORS to the sixth Latin American Festival saw an expert showcase a cigar-rolling technique using the world renowned Cuban cigar.

Seventy-year-old Crisanto Cardenas has 53 years of cigar-rolling experience and he is now the Domazan brand cigar ambassador.

He started his career by rolling cigars at H.Upmann factory in 1960 (previously Montecristo Factory) in Havana Cuba.

He moved up the ranks and worked for several other popular cigar companies.

At the festival that took place at the BBpark, Jalan Bukit Bintang recently, the public were able to see the different components of the cigar close-up before it was rolled by Cardenas.

Trinidad Distributors Sdn Bhd general manager Shahrul Azlan Abu Mansor said Cuba produces the best tobacco leaves in the world.

Public were able to purchase food and drinks at the 6th Latin American Festival in Kuala Lumpur. The proceeds will be channeled to Hospis Malaysia and OrphanCare.
Members of the public purchasing all sorts of food and drinks, and the proceeds were channelled to Hospis Malaysia and OrphanCare.

“The leaves are aged for a minimum of 18 months before they are rolled into cigars. Cigar lovers usually opt for the robusto size, from 10cm to 12cm sized cigars,” said Shahrul.

The Latin festival was co-organised by the embassies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

The embassies raised funds for two charitable bodies, Hospis Malaysia and OrphanCare, by selling snacks, food and drinks popular in their country.

Booths were decorated with the respective country flags and posters depicting the scenic view of each country.

Children dressed in their country jersey and traditional atteire atthe 6th Latin American Festival in Kuala Lumpur on March 18.
Many come dressed in their country
jersey and traditional attire.

Other highlights were the sale of various delicacies, snacks and drinks.

Alfajor, a type of popular coconut sweet, was sold in the Uruguay booth.

Tarta pascualina and spinach pie are popular in both Argentina and Uruguay.

The snacks were among the hot sellers at the respective embassy booths during the festival.

Peru ambassador Marco V. Balarezo thanked Kuala Lumpur City Hall for its support and assistance to organise the festival.

Alberto Lasheras (right) and Marcelo Gallo Morende (right) from Argentina showing the Argentina typical meat pie during at The 6th Latin American Festival in Kuala Lumpur,
Alberto Lasheras (left) and Marcelo Gallo Morende (right) showing the Argentina typical meat pie.

“This event enabled all embassies to showcase our uniqueness to the locals,” he said.

Mexican ambassador Carlos Felix Corona said Mexican food was just as rich and diversified as Malaysian food.

“We sold food such as tinga, which is a Mexican meat dish cooked in spicy chili sauce and served with traditional food wrap during the festival. Tequila our national liquor was also sold to raise funds for charity,” said Corona.

Chilean ambassador Christian Rehren said since the World Cup was nearing, participants from the embassy decided to wear their national football jersey for the event.

The embassy sold Latin American pastry such as empanada, which is stuffed bread or pastry and corn pie.

Performances such as tango, capoeira, jazz music added cheer to the festive atmosphere.

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