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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Cuddly champion bunnies

N. Jayanthi holding an English Lop.

N. Jayanthi holding an English Lop.

RABBIT breeders and owners proudly paraded their furry friends at the International Rabbit Show 2014 at The School in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Held in collaboration with Persatuan Pencinta Arnab Selangor (Pecinta) in conjunction with the Easter celebration recently, the show saw 130 rabbits of various breeds participating in the show.

The judges were American Rabbit Breeder Association (Arba) judge Briony Barnes and Arba registrar Arie Wardhani from Indonesia.

Barnes said this was her first time judging in Malaysia.

Parents and children queuing up for their five minutes chance at petting the rabbit at the petting zoo.
Parents and children queuing up for a chance to pet the rabbits.

“I am impressed with the development of the rabbit industry here, which can be clearly seen in the quality of the rabbits that have been brought for the competition,” she said.

Pecinta president Burhanudin Abd Halim said they were committed to organising more similar events, in line with their aim to develop the culture of keeping rabbits as pets in the country.

“I hope more breeders and pet owners participate in the future,” he said.

Pecinta secretary Kamarulazwa Muhammad said a total of 12 breeds participated — American Fuzzy Lop, Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, English Anggora, English Lop, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Lionhead, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Tan dan Netherland Dwarf.

“Apart from the Arba category, there was also a fancy show category, where pet owners decorated their rabbits with their own creativity.

“The competition started with Barnes sharing knowledge on rabbit care. Then, each rabbit was individually assessed by both judges to choose the best to carry the titles of Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex of Breed, Best of Variety, Best Opposite Sex of Variety, Best of Group dan Best Opposite of Group from each breed.

“The Best of Breed from each breed will then compete in the final round to determine the overall champions, which carries the title Best In Show and Best Reserve in Show,” she said.

The overall winners were Beh Aik Kang and Yo Hui Ling, owners of Beh & Yo Rabbitry, with their winning Netherland Dwarf for Best in Show and an English Lop for Best Reserve in Show.

Kamarulazwa said the deserving winning rabbit would get a leg.

“Leg will only be given if there are five different rabbits from at least three different owners, for each breed, competing under the same category.

All 130 rabbits lined up in cages waitiing to compete in the International Rabbit Show 2014 at Jaya One on Apr 20, 2014.
All 130 rabbits lined up in cages waiting to compete in the show.

“Participation of more rabbits and from various breeds, especially those certified by Arba, is very important to make the competition stiffer and more exciting,” she said.

During the event, there were also exciting activities for children such as cupcake decorating, a photo booth and the petting zoo.

The queue at the petting zoo was the longest, with every child given five minutes to get close with the rabbits roaming freely in a confined area.

Visitor Catherine Kong waited patiently for her two-year old daughter Hannah Chong to have a chance at patting the rabbits.

“It is the first time my daughter is so close to rabbits. She was anxious and hesitant at first but after much coaxing she did pat the rabbit,” she said.

Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd executive director Charles Wong said Jaya One has always supported animal and pet-related causes and events.

Judge Briony Barnes from American Rabbit Breeders Association judging on the participating rabbits.
Judge Briony Barnes from American Rabbit Breeders Association judging on the participating rabbits.

“Pets are a wholesome addition to any family and we’re happy to support a fun and educational past time like rabbit breeding through Pecinta. This show is just one of many family activities to come at The School,” he said.

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