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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Nail polish for Muslims Women can wear special beauty product even during prayers

NAIL polish specially formulated for Muslim women has finally arrived.

The water permeable nail polish, which many describe as ‘halal’ nail polish, has been the buzz of social media on Instagram and Facebook.

Young Malay women who love grooming are spreading the word about how the new creation adheres to Islamic standards.

The nail polish is manufactured by a Canadian company under the name ‘Tuesday In Love’, but is marketed under the Modern Inai brand in Malaysia.

The woman who is bringing the product into Malaysia is enterprising 27-year-old businesswoman, Eliz Ramskay.

Eliz was sceptical at first when she first heard of the nail polish, which was described as halal, and highly recommended for Muslim women.

“I read from one website about this nail polish sometime last year. I was intrigued by the claims and decided to buy it online.”

“In Islam, praying with nail polish is not permissible because of the waterproof barrier it creates on the nails when a practitioner performs the wudu, the practice of washing with water before performing prayers,” said Eliz who started the business last year.

Eliz said she was impressed after a few experiments found the nail polish allowed water to penetrate through to the nail.

“Try testing it on paper towels and a coffee filter. The nail polish allows water to permeate through it and the result is almost immediate,” said Eliz who will soon start a nail spa in Selayang, Selangor.

Impressed with the results, Eliz saw a potential in the breathable nail polish.

“This is what modern Muslim women have been looking for. I was more convinced after talking to the manufacturer and distributor.

“Tuesday in Love is the only Canadian company specialising in water permeable nail polish,” said Eliz, an accountancy graduate.

The nail polish uses a revolutionary micro-pore technology that allows water molecules to penetrate through the semi-permeable colour membrane.

“What most customers like about Modern Inai is that the product is odourless and can be removed immediately after use. It is made from natural ingredients.”

“I can understand the craze building among Muslim women who have waited a long time for this type of beauty product that complies with religious requirements,” said Eliz.

She says she plans to market and distribute more cosmetics like lipstick and eyeshadow from Tuesday In Love.

Modern Inai’s range of nail polish currently features 24 colours.

All come in whimsical names like Canary Feathers (yellow), Grumpy grey, Dark Knight (black), Sunny days (pastel yellow), Lavish Me (Lilac), Prince Harry (deep purple), Parrot Feathers (in attractive green shade), Emerald Green Envy, Chocolate Mint Chip, Cotton candy (light baby pink), For My Sister (sweet salmon shade), Precious Pink, Yolo, Hot Red, Vampire Kiss, Candian Winter, Tiffany Blue, Carribbean Sea, Milkshake, Starfish, Women Of Steal, Swiftly Taylored and Milkshake.

There are also three nude colours and a top coat that are also popular.

The coat is also thinner than the regular polish, which makes it quicker to dry.

She said shipments from Canada arrived quickly and the prices were affordable, compared with other brands.

“I love the colour range. One coat is sufficient, due to its thickness. And of course it can also be used on toe nails.”

She said that it was also free of the harsh chemicals often used in other types of nail polish.

Eliz said fashion-loving women simply loved the various shades of their nail polish as they can match any brightly coloured outfit.

“I was just as ecstatic when I first set my eyes on the product,” said Eliz, who runs her business from her home at Baitul Hidayah in Bandar Baru Selayang.

She said that besides the Malaysian market, she also catered to customers in Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

“I have the full support of my husband who is also running his own business from home selling the Mika-Mika brand of fried ice cream.

“In fact, he was one who suggested the name Modern Inai for the nail polish.

“He felt the word ‘inai’ or henna would appeal to Muslim women since henna is often used to colour nails. And since it is a nail polish, the name Modern Inai seemed appropriate,” said Eliz.

She said there was a huge market for halal cosmetics and personal care products among the Muslims in the region.

“There is a lot of potential in this market and the trend of halal beauty products has certainly picked up,” she said.

Eliz admitted that there were some negative responses to her wudu-friendly nail polish.

“Some people think it is not appropriate for me to promote the nail polish.

“I was upset initially but decided to ignore them. My conscience is clear, I have no guilt about it,” said Eliz who is of mixed Malay-Thai, Chinese and Indian parentage.

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