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Saturday, 10 May 2014

10 things to do for mum this Mother’s Day

MAMA, amma, ibu or mummy - however you call the woman who raised you, one thing is certain - it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and time to make your mum or mother figure feel special.

Putting aside the commercial aspects of the occasion, Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity to show that special lady who nurtured you that you care.

Metro Online Broadcast (mob.com.my) looks at some of the things we can do to show our appreciation and make the day extra special.

1. Reunite her with a long-lost friend

With social media, reconnecting your mum with her long-lost best friend from her school or university days can be just a few clicks away.

But sometimes, it may require more research for you to track down these special people.

The effort will be worth it once you see her reaction.

2. Get her healthy

Make a promise to your mother that you would both make it a point to exercise together at least once a week.

It is not only a great way to keep fit but also spend some quality time bonding with mum.

Alternatively, give mum an adrenaline rush this Mother’s Day and take her on an outdoor adventure.

Whether it’s hiking, riding an ATV or paragliding, spend some time out of your comfort zone and try something new with your mum!

3. Indulge in a guilty pleasure

Food fads come and go but have you wondered if your mum has ever wanted to try out a cafe or restaurant but was always too busy, discouraged by the long queues or thought it was too expensive?

If money is a problem, treat her to a guilty pleasure by baking a dessert, or better yet, cook her a meal.

4. Home spa

Spas can be a pricey affair, so beat the jam, save some money and stay at home this Mother’s Day.

Bring the spa home and give your mother a homemade experience — from DIY face masks to a simple massage to soothe her stress away.

5. DIY gifts and cards

Express your creativity and show your love by making a personalised card with a heartfelt message and to top it off, snail mail (if you had more lead time) it to her — it would make a great break from bills and bank statements.

Additionally, get your family members to make some Mother’s Day coupons that she can redeem for anything from breakfast in bed to a free car wash by you or a family member.

6. Take her on vacation

If you have the means, plan a holiday for your mum, keeping the itinerary flexible to take into consideration what she likes and does not.

7. Make a video

Instead of regular greeting cards, up your game and create a Mother’s Day video.

With a smartphone and free video editing software, learning the basics is relatively easy.

If you know video editing, get creative and add music, photo montages and dedicate a message to your mum.

You can get your family members to do a dance and record the experience, creating a gift she can view again and again.

8. A thoughtful gift

Chocolates and flowers seem quite ordinary, so why not think of a gift your mother may need and will really appreciate”.

Whether it is a notebook inscribed with personal messages to framing a treasured photo, the most thoughtful gifts do not always have to be expensive.

9. Do things for her

As simple as this may sound, sometimes all she might want is a day where she would not have to cook, clean and ferry her children around. Give your mum a break and do her chores for the day.

Better yet, promise to help her around the house regularly.

10. Show her that you love her

Not everyone feels comfortable vocalising their feelings but even the smallest gesture can speak volumes to the person who helped raise you.

A simple squeeze of the hand or a hug could mean more than lavish gifts.

Apologising for any wrongdoing of the past would not go amiss either. This is the time to put aside any emotional baggage, unresolved issues and reconcile if you have not been on good terms.

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