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Friday, 11 April 2014

Land clearing in Mont Kiara resumes

The Kiaramas Cendana condominium is opposite the illegal land clearing.

The Kiaramas Cendana condominium is opposite the illegal land clearing.

ILLEGAL land clearing on a private plot at the end of Jalan Desa Kiara in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur is back in full swing despite monitoring by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

StarMetro reported on March 5 about earthwork continuing on the land despite DBKL issuing a stop-work order and a compound notice to the developer in December.

The developer was reported to have ignored DBKL’s stop-work order as heavy machinery and workers were seen continuing to clear the land.

Residents have expressed their displeasure over the loss of greenery at the popular recreational spot.

DBKL deputy director-general (Planning) Mahadi Che Ngah said DBKL officers had visited the site following the news report to assess the extent of the activity.

An excavator working at the illegal land clearing site which is visible fromthe condominium unit nearby. Pix taken  March 20, 2014 from Kiaramas Cendana.
An excavator operating at the site.

He assured that the area was being closely monitored, while Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Seri Ahmad Phesal Talib had said DBKL was looking at the possibility of taking the developer to court and to push for a heavy penalty.

A resident from a condominium in the area, Mabel Soosai-Siva said her suspicion grew on March 15 when she saw trails leading up to the site.

“They started work slowly that weekend and went all out the following week.

“I got to know about the clearing works since late last year and even made an e-complaint to DBKL when the contractors were working on a Sunday, not knowing that the whole activity was actually illegal.

“I only learnt about it after reading StarMetro.

“I believe many like me are unaware of the correct procedure for a development, where such illegal activity can happen right in front of our eyes.

“From the land clearing pattern, which looks like it is being connected to the tarmac road, I foresee the path is created for more lorries to access the site,” she added.

Another resident, who declined to be named, said yesterday the work was continuing in full force and the destruction and erosion continued.

“How can they be carrying on work despite DBKL making visits to this site?” he queried.

Kiaramas Cendana resident Ivie Ong said the earthwork was being carried out daily.

“Currently, the clearing activity is at the lower end of the area nearer to Kiaramas Danai. It looks like they are flattening the hill.

“I really hope the local authority will take firmer action on these people,” she said.

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