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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Biscuits come in two new flavours to boost energy

WHOLESOME nutrition is essential for a child’s mental and physical development, giving them energy and a sharper mind.

With this in mind, Mondelez Malaysia has introduced Tiger Biskuat NutriFruit.

Consisting of delicious fruit, wheat, milk and chocolate, the crunchy biscuits come in two flavours — Strawberry Choc and Banana Choc, packed with strawberry fruit bits and banana puree.

Crunchy goodness: Prof Dr Lim, Ler and Sharifah Sofia posing for a photograph after the panel discussion at the launch.

“We realise the importance of wholesome nutrition and its role in helping children to learn and discover new things.

“We believe there is no greater school than childhood and no greater teacher than curiosity and adventure” said Mondelez Malaysia head of biscuits Jean Ler.

“With the launch of Tiger Biskuat NutriFruit, we are providing not just nutrition to children but also a platform for parents to bring out the best in them.”

As part of its ongoing commitment, Tiger Biskuat hosted a discussion on “Living an Adventurous Life with Your Child” on the importance of adventure to children.

The session featured Kits4Kids Foundation founder Prof Dr Eric Lim and celebrity Sharifah Sofia.

“Many children do not get to experience true adventure because of concerns over safety and the greater emphasis placed on formal education.

“It is important for parents to understand that adventure is not only an essential part of a child’s life, it also helps them reach their full potential by allowing them to push boundaries, explore limits and develop unique abilities.”

Sharifah said she often organised mini family adventures.

“A child should be allowed to explore and discover new things,” she said.

Both provided ideas on how parents could infuse adventure into their children’s life.

“Some exciting, memorable adventures can be had in the comfort of our homes. Indoor scavenger hunts, backyard picnics, arts and craft and cooking are just some of them,” said Prof Lim.

In conjunction with the Tiger Biskuat NutriFruit launch, the brand is organising 20 roadshows during weekends at various locations nationwide.

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