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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Promoting reading habits for Kampung Lormalong folk

Building a future: Sapawi (seated third from left) with the children at the reading corner .

Building a future: Sapawi (seated third from left) with the children at the reading corner .

KOTA KINABALU: Investment in education plays an important role in developing human capital, said Yayasan Sabah director Datuk Sapawi Ahmad.

“Through education, we are able to develop the mind and intellect, which indirectly will enhance the socio-economic level,” said Sapawi during the opening of the Kampung Lormalong reading corner and the closing of the Program Siswa Rentas Desa, at Kampung Lormalong in the east coast Kunak district on Sunday.

He said the Yayasan Sabah Group (YSG) were providing an avenue for the community to promote a reading culture through the setting up of the reading corner.

“Cultivating a reading culture is among the main focus of the Innovative and Excellence in Rural Development Programme (PDCB),” Sapawi added.

PDCB was one of the three programmes under YSG’s transformation initiatives (2012 – 2023).

Sapawi also said five factors have been identified in guiding PDCB to achieve its objectives.

“Firstly, identifying specific target groups. In this case, six villages were adopted into the programme.

“Secondly, YSG will act as a facilitator to ensure all the planning is being implemented accordingly,” he said.

“Thirdly, forming smart collaboration with other Government agencies and fourthly leveraging with other agencies’ expertise. The final factor is commitment,” he explained.

“The success of this programme depends on the commitment of both YSG and the villagers,” Sapawi added.

Through the setting up of the reading corner, YSG hopes the villagers would make full use of the facilities.

“I hope parents will use this facility to cultivate a reading habit in their children because reading will fire their imagination and open new horizons that will enrich their lives. Just like the saying, ‘to bend a bamboo, start when it’s still a shoot’,” said Sapawi.

The reading corner was a smart collaboration between YSG and the Sabah State Library.

Through the collaboration, YSG was responsible in the setting up of the reading corner while the Sabah State Library provided books and trained the villagers in maximising the usage of the facilities.

There were currently some 450 books on display for adults and children and the library would replace the titles every two to three months.

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