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Friday, 31 January 2014

10 most annoying questions by relatives

Family gatherings are fun until your life comes under scrutiny.

Family gatherings are exciting. This is when you reunite with relatives whom you’ve not met in a while.

At times though, what may seem like a time to catch up with loved ones can turn into an avenue for relatives to question their nieces and nephews about everything in their lives.

This means questions ranging from your love life and working life down to the way you dress.

Metro Online Broadcasts lists some of the annoying things relatives ask during family gatherings.

They are curious to know whether you have a significant other.

“Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” is the frequently asked question by inquisitive relatives.

Those who have been interrogated would know better than to answer “yes”, which will inevitably lead to the next question, “So, aren’t you inviting him/her for our family dinner next week?”

They question you about your plans to get married.

“When will you two get married?”

If you have been with your significant other for a number of years, questions about marriage are bound to come up.

They anxiously wait for you to have children.

Now that you are married, the next step or should we say, the next question will be, “Are you planning to have a child soon?”

Your weight is a big issue.

Always remember that family gatherings do not happen every day.

So, if you have put on a few kgs or lost a lot of weight, be prepared to be bombarded with questions about your weight.

“What have you been eating?” for those who have put on a little weight and “Why so skinny now?” for the ones who have lost weight.

No matter what your size is, your weight will always be an issue.

The best is to maintain your ideal weight and keep fit.

They make assumptions about your job.

“So your job is to eat for free at restaurants, watch free movies, attend concerts for free and get lots of goodies?”

If you’re a journalist and your relatives see your food review, it automatically registers in their head that your job involves eating, all the time.

Expect comparisons to be made.

“You got 5As for PMR? My son had straight As.” Some relatives love comparing their children’s accomplishments.

The person you choose as partner is at times in question.

More traditionally-minded relatives would sometimes advise you on the type of people you should go out with.

Questions can range from your significant other’s background to the type of job he or she holds and the way he or she looks.

They make remarks about your look.

“Why did you choose such a colour for your hair?” is a question that you have invited when you appear with an out-of-the-ordinary colour on your head.

Other questions that may arise include the condition of your skin and the way you dress during a family gathering.

They ask you about your salary.

Indirect questions may come your way about your monthly earnings. Some relatives are just curious when it comes to how well you are doing financially.

They question you about the course you are taking in college.

“Psychology? What can you do with that degree?”

When you pick a course that is outside the norm (not engineering, accountancy, law or business), relatives will probably question your decision.

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