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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Leaking tank at Pekan Kepong flats left unrepaired

RESIDENTS of the Public Housing Project (PPR) Pekan Kepong flats are upset with Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for failing to repair a damaged water reserve tank as water has been gushing out of the tank for two months.

Resident Seow Chai Fong, 52, said the tank located next to Block A of the flats had sprung a leak in mid-November last year and the situation had worsened since then.

“Initially, only a little bit of water flowed out from the tank but the damaged area started to worsen around December.

“Several residents had complained to the flats’ management office but no action was taken,” said Seow, urging DBKL to address the problem as soon as possible before Chinese New Year.

Another resident, Kwa Cheng Peng, 64, was afraid that if the situation continued, it would affect their water supply.

“I have stayed in Block A for three years and so far, the water pressure has not been affected.

“However, I am afraid the water pressure will be affected if the damaged reserve tank is not repaired,” said Kwa.

Pekan Kepong PPR consists of three blocks with a total of 948 units.

The reserve tank supplies water to more than 300 households in Block A.

However, the cause of the water gushing out of the tank is not known.

Kepong Community Service Centre head Yee Poh Ping said he suspected a crack or damaged rubber lining had caused the leak.

“It might also be due to rusty parts which had succumbed to the water pressure inside the tank as it was built some years ago.

“DBKL should also establish an emergency response team to address the matter as it requires immediate action to prevent water wastage.

“This has been happening for two months and is a waste of public funds,” said Yee during a press conference at Block A of the flats yesterday.

He added that he had contacted the management office but the matter was put on hold as there was no budget and the contract for managing the reserve had expired.

“An employee said they would fix the tank only when a new contractor was appointed,” said Yee.

He added that a DBKL spokesman had confirmed that the local authority would look into the matter immediately.

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